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Ruth Brunsdon (Info) MaxColtheart 2018‑04‑29
Anne Castles (Info) Macquarie University Reading, developmental dyslexia annecastles 2013‑10‑19
Ken Cheng (Info) Macquarie University, Sydney animal cognition Gallistel 2009‑06‑14
Max Coltheart (Info) Macquarie University Reading aloud, speech production, cognitive modeling paul.dux 2006‑10‑25
Naama Friedmann (Info) Tel Aviv University Neuropsychology of language 036405257 2010‑03‑14
Ann Goodchild (Info) Macquarie University, Sydney TashK 2016‑03‑17
Ann K. Goodchild (Info) Macquarie University, Sydney TashK 2016‑03‑17
Neil H K Gow (Info) Macquarie University, Sydney Creative Culinary Process nhkgow 2019‑10‑26
Natasha N. Kumar (Info) UNSW Australia Autonomic systems, molecular neuroscience TashK 2016‑03‑17
Yu Li (Info) Macquarie University, Sydney Reading, Visual word recognition Li 2016‑12‑16
Lyndsey Nickels (Info) Aphasia, language davidhoward 2008‑07‑17
Ian Simpson (Info) Macquarie University MaxColtheart 2018‑04‑29
Tomokazu Ushitani (Info) Chiba University Comparative cognition cthibua 2012‑12‑30
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