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Sandybel Angeles-Duran (Info) McGill University (Montreal Neurological Institute) Navigation system Sandybel 2018‑01‑30
Massimo Avoli (Info) Montreal Neurological Institute Epilepsy deguzman 2009‑08‑17
Benjamin De Leener (Info) McGill (Montreal Neurological Institute) spinal cord, MRI, template, atlas, brain, machine learning benjamindeleener 2018‑07‑30
Julien Doyon (Info) CRIUGM, University of Montreal samlaventure 2015‑08‑28
Sidney Hsin-Kang Hsieh (Info) Genentech, AbbVie, Merck & Co. Inc Axon Guidance, Alzheimer's Disease, Neuroinflammation Mountie 2010‑01‑17
David Kaplan (Info) SickKids Neurotrophins josephmatthew 2006‑10‑18
Rudiger Ernst Kohling (Info) University of Munster, McGill (Montreal Neurological Institute), University of Birmingham (UK), University of Bonn, University of Rostock epilepsy, dystonia, ageing JGRJ 2014‑07‑28
Yavar Korkian (Info) McGill (Montreal Neurological Institute) Computational Neuroscience, Visual Neurophysiology yavar 2014‑03‑12
Caroline Landelle (Info) McGill University (Montreal Neurological Institute) IRMf, sensorimotor integration, aging, brain, spinal cord CarolineLandelle 2020‑08‑23
Patrick McCamphill (Info) MIT Synaptic Plasticity 5htkinase 2017‑05‑26
Linda C. Miller (Info) Children's Medical Research Institute, New South Wales, Australia Synapses, molecular neuroscience, learning and memory Lcdansereau 2016‑02‑27
Nardin I. B. Nakhla (Info) McGill (Montreal Neurological Institute) Visual Systems NardinNakhla 2016‑03‑17
André Olivier (Info) McGill (Montreal Neurological Institute) Yakubov 2019‑03‑19
Christopher C. Pack (Info) McGill Visual system cpack 2005‑12‑12
Adrien Peyrache (Info) NYU, McGill Neurophysiology, memory, sleep apeyrache 2008‑09‑02
Guy A. Rouleau (Info) Université de Montréal Neurogenetics aduquette 2011‑06‑04
Philippe P. Roux (Info) McGill (Montreal Neurological Institute) david 2015‑08‑15
Ricardo Luis Sanz (Info) McGill (Montreal Neurological Institute) Cortical development, Circuitry formation, Synaptogenesis, Outgrowth, Regeneration ricardosanz 2015‑03‑22
Wayne S. Sossin (Info) McGill Synaptic plasticity wsossin 2008‑06‑30
Hans-H. Steiner (Info) Paracelsus Medical University Yakubov 2018‑01‑03
Gustavo Turecki (Info) McGill suicide ioa 2009‑12‑07
Yuting Zhang (Info) UC Berkeley, McGill (Montreal Neurological Institute) yutingaling 2017‑08‑13
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