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Joel I Berger (Info) University of Iowa neuroscience, auditory, tinnitus, working memory, electrocorticography, neurophysiology, behavioural neuroscience jberger 2019‑06‑10
Julien Besle (Info) Nottingham, Columbia, INSERM, MRC Institute of Hearing Research Auditory system dschluppeck 2010‑11‑22
Marco Calabresi (Info) Universitat Pompeu Fabra Speech, Perception, Multisensory Integration marcocalabresi 2010‑01‑20
Deb Hall (Info) The National Biomedical Research Unit in Hearing marcocalabresi 2010‑01‑20
Katrin Krumbholz (Info) Nottingham human auditory processing Racheljames 2009‑12‑04
David R. Moore (Info) MRC Institute of Hearing Research Calford 2007‑10‑15
Alan R. Palmer (Info) Nottingham david 2005‑07‑05
Mark N. Wallace (Info) MRC Institute of Hearing Research Anatomy, Neurophysiology JasmineGrimsley 2010‑02‑01
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