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Albert Ahumada (Info) NASA Ames mxstein 2012‑03‑23
Kevin R. Brooks (Info) Macquarie University Vision, Psychophysics 2008‑06‑29
Ken Caluwaerts (Info) CNRS / UPMC - ISIR mkham 2017‑02‑17
Kevin B. Clark (Info) NASA Ames Research Center, Veterans Affairs Greater Los Angeles Healthcare Systems, IEEE Nanotechnology and Biometrics Councils, Penn, Felidae Conservation Fund, UIUC Learning and Memory, Perception, Decision Making, Neuroprosthetics, Drug Design and Repurposing, Neurodegenerative Diseases and Traumatic Brain Injury, Neuromodulation, Synaptic Plasticity, Cellular Response Regulation, Quantum Biochemistry kbclarkphd 2015‑10‑21
Collin Green (Info) Elekta Human Performance, HCI cbgreen 2008‑01‑31
Andrew Howes (Info) University of Manchester yctseng 2009‑12‑02
James C. Johnston (Info) NASA Ames Research Center cbgreen 2008‑02‑21
Mary K. Kaiser (Info) NASA Ames Research Center Cognition, Perception, and Action mmcbeath 2007‑02‑23
Mehdi Khamassi (Info) CNRS / UPMC - ISIR Decision-making, reinforcement learning, prefrontal cortex, striatum, computational modelling, neurophysiology mkham 2010‑01‑26
Anton E. Krukowski (Info) NASA Ames Research Center Vision, Pursuit Eye Movements, Auditory Localisation 2008‑06‑29
Rick L. Lewis (Info) University of Michigan computational modeling, language processing, humor humean 2008‑03‑25
Li Li (Info) The University of Hong Kong optic flow, motor control dcnieho 2011‑07‑18
Jesus Malo (Info) School of Physics. Universitat de Valencia models of low-level human vision acosta 2005‑12‑14
Michael K. McBeath (Info) Arizona State Perception and Action mmcbeath 2007‑02‑23
Cynthia Hansson Null (Info) Federation of Behavioral, Psychological and Cognitive Sciences, William and Mary, NASA Ames Research Center, NASA Langley Research Center Quantitative Psychology cnull 2019‑11‑08
Denis G. Pelli (Info) NYU Visual sensitivity, object recognition, crowding 2005‑09‑15
Roger W. Remington (Info) University of Queensland attention, attentional capture, cognitive psychology r.remington 2009‑04‑28
Ruth Rosenholtz (Info) MIT Visual system l_sharan 2008‑06‑22
Eric Ruthruff (Info) Univ. of New Mexico ita 2007‑11‑01
Stuart T. Smith (Info) University of Tasmania Vision, Vestibular System 2008‑06‑29
Joshua A. Solomon (Info) City University, London Visual perception, modeling Gorea 2011‑10‑12
Leland S. Stone (Info) NASA Ames Research Center jgoleary 2005‑11‑02
Joseph C. Toscano (Info) Rochester, University of Iowa, UIUC, Villanova Speech perception, Spoken word recognition, ERPs, Eye movements, Computational modeling jtoscano 2011‑08‑10
Alonso Vera (Info) NASA Ames Research Center cbgreen 2008‑02‑14
Andrew B. Watson (Info) NASA, Apple Inc. vision, perception, psychology, neuroscience, imaging technology 2011‑12‑10
Shu-Chieh Wu (Info) NASA Ames Research Center Human Factors, Human Attention, Eye Movements shucwu 2008‑11‑05
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