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Stanislas Dehaene (Info) Neurospin, CEA, Inserm hayden 2005‑08‑08
Zafer İşcan (Info) SUNY Stony Brook, National Research University Higher School of Economics, NeuroSpin, CEA-Saclay, France, Bahcesehir University Brain computer interface, pattern recognition, biological signal processing, classification aschurger 2017‑07‑02
Jean-Rémi King (Info) INSERM/CEA, ICM Consciousness, Vegetative State, Decoding aschurger 2012‑10‑28
Sebastien Marti (Info) NeuroSpin CEA, France Consciousness, Dual-tasks, visual system sebmarti 2009‑11‑26
Ioannis Sarigiannidis (Info) NIMH, UCL aschurger 2013‑06‑01
Aaron Schurger (Info) Chapman University Cognitive Neuroscience, consciousness, perceptual decision making, attention aschurger 2009‑03‑25
Jacobo Diego Sitt (Info) Unicog, CEA / Saclay Neuroscience jdsitt 2009‑12‑29
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