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James A. Brock (Info) Prince of Wales - Sydney Sympathetic, Sensory axons, Microcirculation tarchies 2008‑06‑03
Jack Brooks (Info) Chicago, Neuroscience Research Australia CMGreenspon 2019‑01‑09
Erika Gyengesi (Info) Western Sydney University Neuroscience, microglia activation, neuroinflammation e.gyengesi 2018‑12‑18
Elspeth McLachlan (Info) UNSW david 2014‑08‑29
Linda C. Miller (Info) Children's Medical Research Institute, New South Wales, Australia Synapses, molecular neuroscience, learning and memory Lcdansereau 2016‑02‑27
George Paxinos (Info) Monash University neuroanatomy DPCain 2010‑10‑07
Daniel Schoene (Info) University of New South Wales StuSmith2038 2014‑07‑09
Peter R. Schofield (Info) Neuroscience Research Australia trelew 2011‑09‑07
Cyndi Shannon-Weickert (Info) Prince of Wales Medical Research Institute Schizophrenia fillmas 2009‑11‑12
Stuart T. Smith (Info) University of Tasmania Vision, Vestibular System 2008‑06‑29
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