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Taryn A. Aubrecht (Info) Ohio State University Medical Center, University of Maryland Medical School rjnelson 2016‑01‑23
Tracy Bedrosian (Info) Ohio State rjnelson 2009‑12‑13
Jeremy C. Borniger (Info) Stanford, Ohio State, CSHL Cancer Neuroscience jcbornig 2012‑10‑09
A Courtney DeVries (Info) Ohio State david 2008‑09‑11
Laura K. Fonken (Info) Ohio State rjnelson 2009‑12‑13
Jaime Grutzendler (Info) Yale neuro-glial interactions, optical imaging, neurodegenerative diseases Jaime 2006‑03‑25
DiAnna L. Hynds (Info) Texas Woman's University Axon growth and guidance, signal transduction, spinal cord injury, neurotrauma, post-translational modification, prenylation, Rho GTPases dhynds 2016‑04‑08
Kate Karelina (Info) Ohio State Stroke, Social Interaction, Neuroendocrinology karelik 2010‑01‑28
John S. Morris (Info) Ohio State Early environmental effects on behavior rjnelson 2009‑12‑13
Randy J. Nelson (Info) Ohio State Behavioral endocrinology kathleen 2005‑03‑26
John Oberdick (Info) Ohio State Cerebellar development ngebhart 2006‑10‑25
Leah M. Pyter (Info) Chicago Behavioral Neuroendocrinology rjnelson 2007‑10‑06
Solomon H. Snyder (Info) Johns Hopkins Neurotransmitters david 2005‑04‑22
James C. Walton (Info) West Virginia University Behavioral neuroendocrinology, Biological rhythms rjnelson 2009‑12‑13
Zachary M. Weil (Info) Ohio State University Medical Center Behavioral Neuroendocrinology rjnelson 2007‑10‑13
Nicole Wilkinson (Info) Ohio State University Medical Center jratknsn 2019‑09‑05
Allan James Yates (Info) Ohio State pathobiology of brain cancer george.perry 2010‑08‑05
Taehwan Yoo (Info) Ohio State Jaime 2013‑07‑14
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