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Susan G. Amara (Info) NIH Neurotransmitter transporters cab 2008‑02‑02
Peter G. Barr-Gillespie (Info) OHSU hair cell transduction grlewin 2009‑08‑28
Eric C. Dumont (Info) Queens University Stress, pain, and drug addiction. jibrank 2012‑10‑20
Craig E. Jahr (Info) OHSU glutamate receptors, glutamate transporters, synaptic transmission stephanb 2006‑03‑17
Joshua B. Melander (Info) OHSU Barrel Cortex joshuamelander 2015‑02‑17
Jung-Bum Shin (Info) UVA hearing, mechanosensory transduction grlewin 2008‑12‑04
Weinan Sun (Info) HHMI Janelia Research Campus neuroone 2009‑04‑07
Robert J. Vandenberg (Info) University of Sydney stefsup 2012‑10‑24
Christopher S. Wallace (Info) UIUC GSWithers 2013‑02‑11
John T. Williams (Info) OHSU pemp 2005‑11‑08
Ginger S. Withers (Info) Whitman College TEsch 2009‑10‑02
Jordan T. Yorgason (Info) Wake Forest Nucleus accumbens, Voltammetry, addiction jordanyorg 2009‑05‑18
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