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Devika Agarwal (Info) Oxford University UK Ishaan-kapoor 2022‑05‑31
Alan D. Allport (Info) Oxford Executive Control, Task Switching, attention glennwylie 2009‑05‑20
Ibrahim Ahmad Almosallam (Info) Oxford Machine Learning csibrahim 2017‑08‑13
John Langshaw Austin (Info) Oxford Philosophy hayden 2006‑02‑06
Parveen Bawa (Info) Simon Fraser Neuroscience, spinal cord, reflexes, motoneuron pascoe 2008‑12‑09
Marc D. Binder (Info) University of Washington Motoneurons mdbinder 2009‑05‑29
Colin Blakemore (Info) Oxford Visual development willmore 2005‑01‑17
Ruth Campbell (Info) UCL face processing,deafness,fMRI, spelling sslyruc 2014‑02‑03
Rocco Chiou (Info) Oxford University UK Cognitive Neuroscience, Language, Visual Cognition AninaRich 2020‑07‑08
Juliana Choi (Info) Oxford University UK Ishaan-kapoor 2022‑05‑31
Paola Cognini (Info) Oxford University UK Ishaan-kapoor 2022‑05‑31
Matthew J. Davidson (Info) Oxford University UK naotsu 2020‑05‑06
Richard Dawkins (Info) Oxford Evolution hayden 2005‑11‑26
Lucille Duquenoy (Info) Oxford University UK Ishaan-kapoor 2022‑05‑31
Margaret Esiri (Info) Oxford agroh 2023‑09‑27
Lucy Foulkes (Info) Oxford University UK neuro_tree_ucl 2024‑03‑22
Walter D. Furneaux (Info) University of London Hypnosis, Intelligence r_oshea 2020‑04‑30
Jeffrey A. Gray (Info) Oxford Behavioral Neuroscience quee1517 2007‑10‑24
Olivia Harrison (Info) University of Otago (New Zealand) SophieC 2023‑09‑24
Karri P. Lamsa (Info) Oxford, University of Szeged, Hungary Human cortex microcircuits, synaptic inhibition, plasticity klamsa 2008‑03‑17
Petrina Y P Lau (Info) UCL (London) Circuit Electrophysiology PetrinaLau 2012‑03‑14
Jovita T Leung (Info) UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience adolescence, cognitive neuroscience, mental health neuro_tree_ucl 2024‑03‑22
Alwyn Lishman (Info) 2024‑03‑15
Peter Magill (Info) Oxford cbloomfield 2007‑11‑15
Philip Maini (Info) Oxford Mathematical Biology limeizhang 2009‑11‑07
Gordon L. Mangan (Info) University of Queensland, Oxford University UK, Auckland University Parapsychology, Personality, Learning, Tobacco r_oshea 2020‑04‑29
Daniel S. Margulies (Info) Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences neuroimaging, resting state, functional connectivity dsm260 2009‑10‑15
Peter B.C. Matthews (Info) Oxford University UK mdbinder 2021‑09‑05
Peter B. Matthews (Info) Oxford mgrey 2007‑12‑02
Neil McNaughton (Info) University of Otago Psychology, Neuroscience, Emotion, Memory r_oshea 2019‑08‑24
Behrouz Mirza (Info) Isfahan University of Technology Black holes, gravitation and cosmology, statistical mechanics b.mirza 2021‑01‑21
Aditi Mishra (Info) Oxford University UK Ishaan-kapoor 2022‑05‑31
Isabel Morgan (Info) Oxford University UK Ishaan-kapoor 2022‑05‑31
David Murray (Info) Oxford University UK alahari 2020‑11‑02
A Tugrul Ozdemir (Info) Medical University of Vienna aoezde89 2014‑01‑30
Deng Pan (Info) Peking University, Oxford University, UK decision making, social cogntive neuroscience dengpan 2021‑09‑12
Andrew Parker (Info) Oxford hayden 2005‑02‑05
Kyle TS Pattinson (Info) Oxford University UK SophieC 2023‑09‑24
Vernon Reynolds (Info) Magdalen College, Oxford University UK SallySeraphin 2019‑06‑21
Jacqueline P Robbins (Info) Oxford University UK neurodegeneration jper20 2022‑06‑01
Matthew F. Rushworth (Info) Oxford rushworth 2005‑09‑07
Richie Russel (Info) Oxford University UK 2024‑03‑19
Michael Scaife (Info) Oxford University UK jnc 2023‑03‑07
Sally B. Seraphin (Info) Emory behavioral neuroendocrinology, reproduction, primates pq 2015‑10‑11
Hugh Seton-Watson (Info) University of London ruisamarcos 2020‑03‑04
Peter Somogyi (Info) Oxford dnichlsn 2006‑10‑17
Philip H S Torr (Info) Oxford University, UK alahari 2020‑11‑02
Naotsugu Tsuchiya (Info) Monash University Visual awareness, consciousness, attention, intracranial recording, decoding, category theory naotsu 2007‑11‑21
Paola Vargas-Gutierrez (Info) Oxford University UK Ishaan-kapoor 2022‑05‑31
Scott Waddell (Info) UMASS Medical School Learning and Memory SWaddell 2008‑08‑11
G. R. Wayne Moore (Info) UBC agroh 2023‑07‑29
Kenneth Wheare (Info) Oxford University UK ruisamarcos 2020‑03‑04
Yanying Wu (Info) Oxford University UK Ishaan-kapoor 2022‑05‑31
Benjamin K. Yee (Info) Oxford University UK sd130 2020‑01‑12
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