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Hatem Barhoom (Info) Plymouth University GunnarSchmidtmann 2022‑05‑16
Barry L. Bentley (Info) MRC-LMB, Cambridge, The Open University, Oxford, Cardiff Metropolitan University bb421 2017‑12‑22
Guido Bugmann (Info) University of Plymouth bb421 2023‑01‑18
William BJ Cafferty (Info) Yale Spinal Cord Injury/Pain wilben 2006‑10‑27
Angelo Cangelosi (Info) Plymouth University, The University of Manchester robotics, computer science, psychology, cognitive science acangelosi 2017‑03‑07
Angelo Oscar Da Rosa (Info) Plymouth University hypoxia antidepressants nociception electrophysiology angelo 2010‑04‑19
Paul Farrand (Info) University of Exeter, UK FParmentier 2022‑04‑10
Natalie J. Gardiner (Info) Plymouth University swnt1931 2015‑10‑15
Stephen D. Hall (Info) Plymouth University stanfoim 2017‑09‑06
Martin P. Helley (Info) Plymouth University swnt1931 2015‑10‑15
Sue Linsley (Info) Plymouth University Farrand 2022‑04‑11
Tracey Parkin (Info) Plymouth University Farrand 2022‑04‑11
Gunnar Schmidtmann (Info) Glasgow Caledonian University, McGill, Plymouth University Visual Psychophysics, Shape - Contour Perception, Object recognition, Face recognition GunnarSchmidtmann 2014‑06‑17
Ian Stanford (Info) Aston University JGRJ 2010‑07‑21
Stephen Thompson (Info) Plymouth University, Kings College London (KCL), UCL pain, neurotrophins tcoderre 2006‑11‑24
Jocelyn Triner (Info) Plymouth University swnt1931 2015‑10‑15
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