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Carlos D. Brody (Info) Princeton hayden 2005‑01‑15
Gerard Joey Broussard (Info) UC Davis Genetically Encoded Calcium Sensors gjbrous 2013‑04‑27
Adam J. Calhoun (Info) Princeton, Salk Institute, UCSD acalhoun 2012‑02‑20
Jonathan D. Cohen (Info) Princeton, Harvard University (medical School), Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, University of Pittsburgh attention, computation & theory hayden 2005‑08‑21
Reka Daniel (Info) Princeton Neuroscience Institute mih 2009‑06‑13
Nathaniel D. Daw (Info) NYU, Princeton Reward, learning, and decision making brian 2006‑04‑04
Esteban A. Engel (Info) Princeton Virology, viral transport, viral spread, neuroscience, viral vectors eengel 2015‑07‑25
Manoj K. Eradath (Info) Princeton Neuroscience Institute Visual attention, Memory manojeradath 2017‑03‑17
Annegret Lea Falkner (Info) Columbia Monkey physiology, Saccadic decision making Annegret 2010‑07‑23
Diksha Gupta (Info) Princeton Neuroscience Institute Behavioral, Systems, Computational neuroscience dikshag 2018‑10‑27
Eartha Mae Guthman (Info) University of Colorado, Denver, SUNY Buffalo, Princeton Neuroscience Institute social behavior, neural systems & circuits, neurohormonal signaling, neuromodulation, GABA, plasticity, physiology emguthman 2015‑07‑14
Hee Jae Jang (Info) Princeton hjang 2017‑08‑16
Sabine Kastner (Info) Princeton hayden 2005‑01‑16
Junuk Lee (Info) Princeton Neuroscience Institute Neurophysiology junuk861 2013‑08‑21
Ida Momennejad (Info) Princeton Higher cognitive functions, PFC, Prospective memory, Task set structure, computational modeling idamomenn 2012‑11‑10
Aidan P. Murphy (Info) University of Birmingham Visual perception, systems neuroscience, attention, memory apm909 2010‑10‑11
Mala Murthy (Info) Princeton neuroscience, drosophila, perception, electrophysiology, olfaction, audition, acoustic communication malamay 2007‑03‑28
Sebastian Musslick (Info) Princeton cognitive control smusslick 2012‑11‑14
Yael Niv (Info) Princeton brian 2007‑06‑27
Sero Toriano Parel (Info) Princeton Neuroscience Institute neuroepigenetics, stress stparel 2019‑08‑20
Elise Piazza (Info) Princeton Neuroscience Institute communication, auditory perception, language, development epiazza 2018‑09‑19
Mark A. Pinsk (Info) Princeton visual system mpinsk 2006‑03‑14
Thomas J. Pisano (Info) Princeton Neuroscience Institute Transsynaptic Viral Tracing, Cerebellum, Autism, Nonmotor cerebellum tjp7rr 2016‑06‑04
Oliver M Vikbladh (Info) NYU Center For Neural Science Reinforcement learning, memory, hippocampus function OliverVik 2018‑08‑25
Samuel S.-H. Wang (Info) Princeton cerebellum; brain evolution swang 2005‑11‑03
Lindsay C Willmore (Info) Princeton Neuroscience Institute Modulation, social behavior lwillmore 2019‑04‑25
Ilana B. Witten (Info) Princeton Circuit-level analysis of reward and motivation david 2008‑03‑31
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