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David J. Adams (Info) University of Wollongong, Australia Membrane physiology, Ion channels, Conotoxins dadams 2013‑11‑30
Géza Bereki (Info) University of Queensland dadams 2017‑09‑28
Hartmut Cuny (Info) RMIT University dadams 2017‑09‑28
Anton A. Grishin (Info) University of Queensland/ RMIT University dadams 2017‑09‑28
Andrew Hung (Info) RMIT University dadams 2019‑08‑31
Tien T. Huynh (Info) RMIT Australia EditaRit 2020‑07‑05
Trisha A. Jenkins (Info) RMIT University animal models of neuroscience Trisha 2010‑07‑28
Oliver Knapp (Info) RMIT University dadams 2017‑09‑28
Shiva N. Kompella (Info) RMIT University dadams 2017‑08‑25
Hitesh Kulhari (Info) RMIT University dadams 2017‑08‑25
Ann C. Lawrie (Info) RMIT Australia EditaRit 2020‑07‑05
Damiano Spina (Info) RMIT University information retrieval, text analytics, natural language processing damiano 2019‑06‑26
Takahiro Yasuda (Info) University of Queensland dadams 2014‑01‑13
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