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Ted Abel (Info) University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, University of Iowa, Penn synaptic plasticity, memory, epigenetics, sleep, autism, mouse models tedabel 2006‑12‑31
Claudia Barz (Info) Research Centre Juelich dfeldmeyer 2014‑01‑15
Claudia S. Barz (Info) Research Centre Juelich, RWTH Aachen University, Research Centre Juelich, RWTH Aachen; University of Pennsylvania neurobiology, barrel cortex clschr 2010‑06‑02
Corrado Corradi-Dell'Acqua (Info) University of Geneva CCD 2006‑02‑19
Dirk Feldmeyer (Info) Research Centre Juelich Barrel cortex, neuronal connectivity dfeldmeyer 2011‑11‑22
Gereon R. Fink (Info) University Hospital Cologne and Research Center Juelich CCD 2008‑07‑03
Peter Grassberger (Info) University of Calgary rodri 2007‑11‑10
Gina Haack (Info) dfeldmeyer 2014‑01‑15
Thomas Kreuz (Info) CNR, Florence, Italy, UCSD Computational Neuroscience, Signal Processing, Spike train synchrony thomaskreuz 2009‑03‑17
Manuel Marx (Info) Research Centre Juelich dfeldmeyer 2014‑01‑15
Guanxiao Qi (Info) Research Centre Juelich dfeldmeyer 2014‑01‑15
Rodrigo Quian Quiroga (Info) University of Leicester Neuroscience, Signal Processing rodri 2007‑11‑10
Kim Schaffrath (Info) RWTH Aachen; Research Centre Juelich dfeldmeyer 2014‑01‑15
Idan Segev (Info) Hebrew University elad 2005‑11‑12
Vishalini Sivarajan (Info) National Brain Research Centre Monkey somtosensory niranjan 2010‑10‑11
Jiali Tang (Info) dfeldmeyer 2014‑01‑15
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