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David G. Birch (Info) Retina Foundation of the Southwest ebirch 2013‑11‑07
Eileen E. Birch (Info) Retina Foundation of the Southwest Visual development ebirch 2008‑06‑22
Rain G. Bosworth (Info) UCSD Infant Vision rbosworth 2009‑01‑14
James Drover (Info) Memorial University ebirch 2010‑09‑21
Eugene T. Filley (Info) Retina Foundation of the Southwest Vision enitsw 2010‑05‑05
Valeria Fu (Info) University of Pittsburgh ebirch 2010‑09‑21
Richard M. Held (Info) MIT Visual perception rsekuler 2006‑12‑31
Brett Jeffrey (Info) NIH ebirch 2010‑09‑21
Anna R. O'Connor (Info) University of Liverpool ebirch 2010‑09‑21
Maria Pesheva (Info) White Memorial Medical Center ebirch 2010‑09‑21
Solange Rios Salomao (Info) Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil visual electrophysiology, psychophysics, orthoptics melipona 2009‑03‑19
Jingyun Wang (Info) Indiana University visual development and optics ebirch 2013‑11‑06
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