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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Claude Alain (Info) Rotman Research Institute joel_snyder 2007‑10‑01
Antoine Bechara (Info) USC decision hayden 2005‑10‑13
Aaron S. Benjamin (Info) University of Illinois Cognitive Psychology mikediaz 2009‑03‑27
Jeremy B. Caplan (Info) University of Alberta human memory, theta cmadan 2009‑01‑15
Fergus I.M. Craik (Info) Rotman Research Institute ngopie 2008‑09‑18
Andrew Dimitrijevic (Info) University of Toronto EEG, auditory, event related potentials andydimitri 2009‑08‑20
Nigel Gopie (Info) Rotman Research Institute Memory, Attention ngopie 2008‑06‑23
Cheryl L. Grady (Info) University of Toronto Psychobiology Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Neuroscience Biology mnrajah 2006‑08‑28
Omer Grigg (Info) Rotman Research Institute, University of Toronto fMRI, connectivity, default-mode, aging omergrigg 2007‑01‑30
Lynn Hasher (Info) Rotman Research Institute, University of Toronto ngopie 2008‑09‑18
Jennifer A. Mangels (Info) CUNY Episodic memory, attention, ERPs csummerfield 2008‑03‑06
A. R. McIntosh (Info) Rotman Research Institute mnrajah 2006‑08‑28
Janet Metcalfe (Info) Columbia Memory mjkahana 2008‑08‑26
Morris Moscovitch (Info) University of Toronto Memory, attention, face and object perception Jonathan 2006‑04‑03
Jason D. Ozubko (Info) Rotman Research Institute Memory jdozubko 2014‑05‑08
Terence Picton (Info) University of Toronto wkhoe 2005‑11‑17
Jae-Jin Ryu (Info) McGill visual system jjryu 2008‑09‑15
Barbara L. Schwartz (Info) Georgetown University & Washington DC VAMC experimental neuropsychiatry cmarvel 2007‑02‑02
David I. Shore (Info) McMaster University Multisensory Perception, Attention, eye tracking, eeg dshore 2008‑07‑20
Laurel J. Trainor (Info) McMaster University "Auditory Perception, Music Perception & Cognition" andybhattacharjee 2007‑04‑20
Sandra Trehub (Info) University of Toronto Infant Studies andybhattacharjee 2007‑04‑20
Endel Tulving (Info) University of Toronto Memory sd.slotnick 2006‑06‑21
Antonino Vallesi (Info) University of Padova, International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) (Italy), Rotman Research Institite, Baycrest Executive Functions, Attention, Time Processing, Normal Aging vallesi 2009‑09‑29
Derek van der Kooy (Info) University of Toronto brian 2006‑04‑12
Lynne J. Williams (Info) Rotman Research Institite, Baycrest Cognitive Neuroscience david 2009‑09‑19
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