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Jose-Manuel Alonso (Info) SUNY Visual neurophysiology kathleen 2005‑03‑28
Benjamin Backus (Info) Penn Visual system david 2005‑09‑19
Marianna Butera (Info) SUNY Optometry kwilleford 2021‑11‑03
Lanya T. Cai (Info) SUNY Optometry Visual perception lanya 2013‑02‑15
Hannah Canuto (Info) SUNY Optometry kwilleford 2021‑11‑03
Yao Chen (Info) Shanghai Jiao Tong University visual attention, visual prosthesis, brain-computer interface yaochen_sjtu 2017‑06‑13
Kenneth J. Ciuffreda (Info) SUNY Optometry kwilleford 2021‑11‑03
Jeffrey LeBlanc (Info) SUNY Optometry kwilleford 2021‑11‑03
Xiaobing Li (Info) SUNY Optometry visual motor system, visual attention xiaobingli 2010‑07‑21
Reece Mazade (Info) SUNY Optometry visual neuroscience rmazade 2016‑05‑27
Robert M. McPeek (Info) SUNY Optometry mcpeek 2005‑10‑18
Junghyun Park (Info) Caltech jpark 2005‑10‑06
Carmen Pons (Info) SUNY Optometry CarmenPons 2019‑08‑01
Alina Sample (Info) SUNY Optometry kwilleford 2021‑11‑03
Yushi wang (Info) Suny Optometry School Visual system YushiWang 2012‑03‑26
Yushi Wang (Info) Suny Optometry School Visual system KittyHuaHua123 2021‑05‑06
Kevin Thomas Willeford (Info) University of Miami, SUNY Optometry, NOVA Southeastern University Oculomotor Neuroscience, Sensorimotor Fusion kwilleford 2021‑11‑03
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