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Tiago Branco (Info) UCL Synaptic Physiology tbranco 2007‑01‑20
Alexander P Y Brown (Info) MRC National Institute for Medical Research, Francis Crick Institute, Sainsbury Wellcome Centre, UCL, Cambridge Neurophysiology, Systems Neuroscience, Visual Neuroscience alexbrown 2015‑07‑31
Dario Campagner (Info) The University of Manchester, Sainsbury Wellcome Centre, UCL System Neuroscience dario15 2015‑11‑24
Alex Fratzl (Info) Sainsbury Wellcome Centre, UCL, IOB / University of Basel afratzl 2018‑09‑30
Shohei Furutachi (Info) Sainsbury Wellcome Centre, UCL ShoheiFurutachi 2020‑08‑14
Sonja B Hofer (Info) Sainsbury Wellcome Centre, University College London, Biozentrum, University of Basel Neurobiology clhahn 2007‑08‑17
Sepideh Keshavarzi (Info) Sainsbury Wellcome Centre, UCL neural circuits, sensory systems, cellular and systems neuroscience, spatial navigation SepiKeshavarzi 2019‑10‑06
Michael Lohse (Info) Oxford, Sainsbury Wellcome Centre, UCL Sensory processing, Cognitive control, Thalamus, Multisensory interactions Lohse 2017‑11‑28
Troy W. Margrie (Info) UCL systems neuroscience tmargrie 2008‑01‑11
Thomas Mrsic-Flogel (Info) UCL Neurobiology cmh 2007‑08‑01
Andrew J Murray (Info) Sainsbury Wellcome Centre, UCL Motor control, vestibular system, posture, balance, viral technologu Andymurray 2018‑12‑21
Svenja Nierwetberg (Info) Sainsbury Wellcome Centre, UCL Hippocampus, value learning, contextual learning SNierwetberg 2021‑11‑03
Sthitapranjya Pati (Info) Tata Insitute of Fundamental Research, Sainsbury Wellcome Centre, UCL Behavioural neuroscience 2016‑09‑18
Oriol Pavón Arocas (Info) UCL, Ludwig Maximilian University Munich Neuroscience opavon 2019‑08‑14
Lars B Rollik (Info) Sainsbury Wellcome Centre, UCL Basal Ganglia lrollik 2018‑11‑30
Marcus Stephenson-Jones (Info) Sainsbury Wellcome Centre, UCL lrollik 2021‑03‑28
Chryssanthi Tsitoura (Info) RWTH Aachen University padbritt 2014‑06‑30
Emily Witts (Info) University of St Andrews Neuroscience, spinal cord, locomotion, neuromodulation, purinergic, cholinergic Em 2011‑09‑08
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