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Alan R. Adolph (Info) Schepens Eye Institute retina kwoonwong 2005‑11‑05
Concetta F. Alberti (Info) Schepens Eye Institute Vision science, rehabilitation alberti13 2013‑09‑21
Michael Ariel (Info) Saint Louis University School of Medicine Visual System, Cerebellum, Retina, Vestibular, Anoxia kwoonwong 2005‑12‑04
Peter Bex (Info) UCL visual psychophysics, motion perception ametha 2006‑11‑06
Michael D. Crossland (Info) UCL Institute of Ophthalmology Vision, visual impairment, cognitive neuroscience mikecrossland 2007‑08‑13
Claus Cursiefen (Info) University of Erlangen, Germany, University of Cologne, Schepens Eye Institute fellowofhenle 2019‑12‑05
Randolph D. Glickman (Info) UT San Antonio kwoonwong 2005‑12‑04
Andrew M. Haun (Info) UW Madison spatial vision, visual perception, natural scenes, consciousness amhaun01 2008‑11‑30
Sarah Kark (Info) UC Irvine emotional memory, resting state fMRI, depression, human PVT sarahkark 2012‑12‑10
Li Li (Info) The University of Hong Kong optic flow, motor control dcnieho 2011‑07‑18
Kenyatta G. Lucas (Info) Schepens Eye Institute Visual System, Immunology doctorbon 2007‑06‑29
Tatfong Ng (Info) Schepens Eye Institute Rutledge 2007‑04‑06
Cyril N.A Nyankerh (Info) University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Optometry Visual Neuroscience NyankeC 2019‑09‑13
Eli Peli (Info) Schepens Eye Institute low vision, contrast dcnieho 2011‑07‑18
Thomas S.A. Wallis (Info) Universität Tübingen Visual perception, psychophysics tomwallis 2010‑02‑10
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