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Laura M. Bohn (Info) Scripps Research Institute Florida, The Ohio State University College of Medicine Pharmacology, Neuropharmacology, Neuroscience Laurambohn 2014‑08‑18
Isaac Cervantes-Sandoval (Info) Georgetown Learning and Memory in Drosophila Cervantessi 2020‑01‑21
James PC Chelliah (Info) University of Bristol Mental retardation, synaptic plasticity premclement 2007‑06‑26
Ronald L. Davis (Info) Scripps Florida learning and memory xl139882 2008‑02‑04
Robert Allen Owens (Info) VCU rameshd 2013‑11‑11
Emin Ozkan (Info) University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas emindeniz 2009‑04‑04
Gavin Rumbaugh (Info) Scripps Research Institute Florida Learning and memory, post synaptic signaling cfgavin 2008‑07‑23
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