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Dan Doherty (Info) University of Washington, Seattle Childrens Research Institute kmillen 2011‑08‑09
Robert F. Hevner (Info) University of Washington Neurogenesis, Cortex development, Disorders cenglund 2007‑07‑24
Eitan S. Kaplan (Info) Seattle Childrens Research Institute Neural Development and Plasticity kaplan 2009‑11‑16
Ashley McDonough (Info) Seattle Children's Research Institute spinal cord, regenerative medicine, stem cells, cerebellum, development amcdonough 2010‑01‑15
Kathleen Millen (Info) Chicago, University of Washington, Seattle Children's Rese developmental neurogenetics kmillen 2009‑10‑20
Branden Ray Nelson (Info) Montana State david 2015‑09‑10
Paulo Vianney Rodrigues (Info) Penn JPWelsh 2009‑08‑12
Jonathan Skibo (Info) Seattle Childrens Research Institute kmillen 2022‑06‑10
Josef Turecek (Info) Harvard Medical School synaptic transmission JPWelsh 2014‑04‑24
John P. Welsh (Info) University of Washington cerebellum, autism, synaptic transmission jwelsh 2008‑07‑12
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