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Rupshi Mitra (Info) Stanford University Medical School biology, neuroscience, gene therapy, stress, enrichment environment rupshimitra 2024‑04‑25
Antoine Adamantidis (Info) McGill, Stanford University Medical School, Bern University llecea 2011‑12‑02
John Adler (Info) Stanford University Medical School jays 2021‑10‑13
Emily A. Aery Jones (Info) Stanford Hippocampus, entorhinal cortex, spatial navigation, memory consolidation, Alzheimer's disease emilyjones 2020‑01‑26
Raag D. Airan (Info) Stanford focused ultrasound, neuromodulation, drug delivery rairan 2016‑10‑13
AbdulRasheed Alabi (Info) Stanford University Medical School SwartzKJ 2018‑12‑10
Katrin Andreasson (Info) Stanford Neurology and Neurological Sciences david 2016‑01‑07
Ina Anreiter (Info) University of Toronto, Stanford University Medical School Behavioural Epigenetics Anreiter 2017‑01‑25
Matine Azadian (Info) Stanford Neurovascular disease, Stroke stanfordneuro 2019‑09‑28
Stephen Baccus (Info) Stanford Retina david 2005‑01‑31
James R. Bamburg (Info) Colorado State ADF/Cofilin jendd810 2009‑09‑03
Ben A. Barres (Info) Stanford glia cab 2006‑01‑27
Denis A. Baylor (Info) Stanford vision greghorwitz 2005‑09‑23
Joyce Benjamins (Info) Wayne State University School of Medicine AnneBoullerne 2022‑04‑08
Andrew Brian Berger (Info) Stanford machine learning, mcmc, theoretical neuroscience andbberger 2018‑07‑11
Krishna L. Bharani (Info) MUSC, Stanford Human Aging rgm23 2011‑04‑08
Jacob Blum (Info) Stanford University Medical School Neurotry 2020‑10‑20
Steven Boeynaems (Info) Stanford University Medical School Neurotry 2020‑10‑20
Patrice Bourgin (Info) Scripps Institute, INSERM, Strasbourg, France, Stanford University Medical School llecea 2019‑07‑19
Ruifeng Cao (Info) McGill, UMN translational control, circadian rhythm, mTOR signaling, seizure, brain trauma caorui123 2009‑06‑04
Matthew E. Carter (Info) University of Washington, Williams, Stanford University Medical School feeding, optogenetics llecea 2011‑12‑02
Noori Chai (Info) Stanford University Medical School Neurotry 2020‑10‑20
Timothy W. Chapman (Info) Stanford Glial Cell Biology, Psychedelics twchapman 2024‑07‑04
Alan G Cheng (Info) Stanford University Medical School auditory system aglcheng 2021‑09‑02
Dennis W. Choi (Info) Stanford, SUNY Stony Brook david 2009‑02‑10
Rosalind Chuang (Info) Stanford University Medical School SwartzKJ 2018‑12‑10
Thomas Clandinin (Info) Stanford sdv 2007‑09‑13
Mohammad Dastjerdi (Info) Harvard auditory system david 2008‑01‑11
Karl Deisseroth (Info) Stanford optogenetics, neural stem cell circuit engineering eboyden3 2005‑11‑04
William Dement (Info) Stanford Sleep gidon 2005‑11‑11
Michael R. DeWeese (Info) UC Berkeley Auditory Cortex david 2005‑01‑17
Jun Ding (Info) Stanford Medical School Basal ganglia, Parkinson disease, synaptic plasticity junito 2007‑03‑04
Barna Dudok (Info) Stanford University Medical School Neuroscience, Interneurons, Endocannabinoids bdudok 2021‑10‑11
Xiaodong Fang (Info) Stanford University Medical School Neurotry 2020‑10‑20
Heidi M. Feldman (Info) Stanford Medical School Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics barde 2010‑01‑14
Margaret E. Flanagan (Info) Northwestern memorial hospital Neurodegenerative neuropathology, Alzheimer’s disease, TDP43, neuroinflammation Maggie41413 2020‑01‑30
John C. Flournoy (Info) Stanford University Medical School, University of Oregon, Harvard Developmental Cognitive Neurosicence jflournoy 2013‑06‑17
William H. Frey II (Info) UMN, HealthParthers intranasal delivery, intranasal insulin, intranasal deferroxamine, intranasal stem cells Alzheimer's Parkinson's Stroke TBI PTSD concussion robertgarythorne 2007‑01‑04
Robert S. Fuller (Info) University of Michigan proprotein processing and protein localization in yeast ejbrace 2006‑10‑24
Olivia Gautier (Info) Stanford University Medical School Neurotry 2020‑10‑20
Paul George (Info) Stanford University Medical School stanfordneuro 2021‑07‑21
Alexander L. Gerlach (Info) University of Cologne anxiety, bodily symptoms, comorbidity, alcohol agerlach 2022‑11‑11
Lisa M. Giocomo (Info) Stanford Medical School giocomo 2009‑07‑29
Aaron D. Gitler (Info) Penn, Stanford Genetics agitler 2010‑08‑17
Mark P Goldberg (Info) UT Health Science Center San Antonio Neuroscience stroke neurology MarkPGoldberg 2024‑07‑07
Samantha Rose Golf (Info) The University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL, USA, Stanford University Medical School carmunoz 2023‑10‑09
Kevin Guttenplan (Info) Stanford University Medical School Neurotry 2020‑10‑20
Ester M Hammond (Info) Oxford Hypoxia Esterhammond4 2023‑03‑28
Ronald M. Harris-Warrick (Info) Cornell rcalinjageman 2006‑10‑15
Nadereh Hashemi (Info) Stanford University Medical School vero 2019‑01‑24
Joshua Paul Head (Info) Harvard Medical School, Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Stanford University Medical School joshhead7 2019‑05‑07
Peter Hegemann (Info) HU Berlin microbial opsins oertner 2011‑06‑02
Boris D. Heifets (Info) Stanford synaptic transmission, electrophysiology boris777 2006‑11‑07
Jaimie M. Henderson (Info) Stanford Deep Brain Stimulation, Brain-Machine Interfaces, Neural Prosthetics chethan 2015‑03‑06
Yang Hu (Info) Stanford yuzhang3 2018‑01‑17
Nicholas F Hug (Info) Stanford University Medical School OIRD nhug 2021‑02‑09
John R. Huguenard (Info) Stanford synaptic transmission MHuntsman 2005‑11‑23
Simon V. Hunt (Info) Sir William Dunn School of Pathology University of Oxford Cellular Immunology svhoxford 2019‑09‑22
Kenneth Weber II (Info) Stanford University Medical School drumn8jr 2022‑02‑07
Barry L. Jacobs (Info) Princeton jradley 2011‑12‑15
Dong Cheol Jang (Info) Yonsei University, Seoul National University, Stanford, Kyung Hee University, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) jangdc88 2013‑03‑26
Sung-Soo Jang (Info) Stanford University Medical School Neuronal Excitability, Synaptic Plasticity, Neural Network, Neurological diseases cnsjang 2009‑06‑17
Henry S. Kaplan (Info) Stanford Radiotherapy, Cancer bcr50 2017‑12‑23
Julie Kauer (Info) Stanford jkauer 2019‑09‑09
Donald Kennedy (Info) Stanford Synapses david 2005‑09‑08
Michael B. Keough (Info) MUN, University of Calgary, University of Alberta, Stanford neuroplasticity, stroke rehabilitation, remyelination, chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans, glioma mbkeough 2014‑04‑01
Viktor N. Kharazia (Info) Histology and microscopy; neurological and psychatric conditions, drug abuse kharazia 2008‑10‑07
Garam Kim (Info) Stanford neuroscientist 2019‑06‑20
Seoyun Kim (Info) Stanford University Medical School cheon 2024‑03‑04
David M. Kingsley (Info) Stanford molecular control and evolution of skeletal patterning dileone 2009‑11‑17
Timothy W. Kraft (Info) UAB Neuroscience Biology pq 2016‑02‑01
Jin Hyung Lee (Info) Stanford Neurology, Bioenigneering, Neurosurgery, Electrical Engineering david 2016‑01‑07
Huinan (Marcus) Li (Info) UCSF glia, stem cell, organoids marcuslee 2014‑01‑19
Jun Li (Info) Stanford University Medical School RichardMMyers 2020‑08‑24
Qin Li (Info) Stanford RNA editing, Genomics, Computational Biology qinli 2022‑11‑18
Vankee Feng Lin (Info) Stanford University Medical School dracoxu 2023‑04‑12
Dong Liu (Info) UMN caorui123 2022‑06‑15
Kevin J Liu (Info) Stanford University Medical School Cancer Biology, Stem Cell Biology kevinjliu 2021‑09‑19
Raymond Lo (Info) Stanford University Medical School, The Parkinson's Institute, UC Berkeley brain aging, dementia, Parkinson's disease, neurodegeneration pq 2015‑11‑25
Frank Longo (Info) Stanford simmonsd 2009‑03‑21
Isabel Low (Info) Stanford University Medical School Navigation ilow 2019‑01‑21
Bingwei Lu (Info) Stanford Pathology david 2016‑01‑07
Katherine Lucot (Info) Stanford JTran 2021‑07‑08
Rosa Ma (Info) Stanford University Medical School Neurotry 2020‑10‑20
Robert C. Malenka (Info) Stanford Neurobiology Penny 2005‑08‑03
Claire Manning (Info) Michigan State, Stanford AJRobison 2015‑12‑04
Francis Kei Masuda (Info) Stanford Medical School fkmasuda 2019‑01‑21
William Mackle McCallum (Info) Stanford University Medical School, University of North Carolina School of Medicine, Emory Sensorimotor control of limbs, Spinal cord circuits, Pain, Opioids william_mccallum 2020‑01‑30
Vinod Menon (Info) Stanford Cognitive neuroscience, Brain Imaging, Systems Neuroscience menonve 2006‑10‑13
Nicole A Mercer Lindsay (Info) Stanford University Medical School Motor and pain circuits namerlin 2019‑08‑05
Siddhartha S. Mitra (Info) Stanford Medical School, University of Colorado School of Medicine Neural Stem Cells, Glioma Stem Cells ssmitra 2015‑02‑28
Shunichi Miyazaki (Info) Stanford University Medical School MOdurih 2024‑04‑17
Siavash Moghadami (Info) Stanford University Medical School simoghad 2022‑05‑11
Michelle Monje (Info) Stanford bormerod 2009‑09‑07
Thomas J. Montine (Info) University of Washington george.perry 2010‑07‑24
Richard Morris Myers (Info) HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology testtest 2009‑05‑06
Srinidhi Elizabeth Naidu (Info) University of Washington Vision snaidu 2023‑09‑25
John G. Nicholls (Info) SISSA Regeneration, synaptic physiology david 2005‑09‑08
Maya Maor Nof (Info) Stanford University Medical School Neurotry 2020‑10‑20
Yunji Park (Info) UW Madison Developmental cognitive neuroscience, educational psychology ypark246 2020‑01‑30
Christopher Patzke (Info) Notre Dame Neuroscience, Synapse, Cell Biology cpatzke 2020‑12‑30
Len Pennacchio (Info) Stanford University Medical School RichardMMyers 2020‑08‑24
Aditya Manohar Rao (Info) Stanford University Medical School Computational Immunology, Immunology, Bioinformatics aditya1101 2020‑04‑23
Jennifer L. Raymond (Info) Stanford Motor Brainstem david 2005‑01‑17
Donald Ready (Info) Purdue development M. Odurih 2007‑02‑25
Suman Rimal (Info) Stanford University Medical School Neuroscience sumanr45 2022‑11‑02
Keiramarie Robertson (Info) Harvard Medical School, Stanford University Medical School joshhead7 2019‑11‑10
Caitlin Rodriguez (Info) Stanford University Medical School Neurotry 2020‑10‑20
Henk Roelink (Info) University of Washington, UC Berkeley Induction in vertebrate development and ES cell differentiation abernard 2007‑03‑16
Walton T. Roth (Info) Stanford Medical School Alpers 2018‑01‑08
Shady Saad (Info) Stanford, ETH Zürich ShadySaad 2018‑12‑17
Grégory Scherrer (Info) Stanford Pain, opioid system gscherrer 2009‑06‑10
Nathan D. Schilaty (Info) BYU, Ohio State, Mayo Clinic, University of South Florida Neuromechanics, Injury Prevention, Non-invasive Therapeutics, Addiction drumn8jr 2015‑02‑10
Birgitt Schule (Info) Stanford University Medical School Parkinson's disease; neurodegeneration; stem cell modeling; human genetics bschuele 2022‑06‑04
Nishal P. Shah (Info) Stanford Retina; Motor cortex; Computational Neuroscience; Neuroengineering bhaishahster 2018‑05‑29
Mengjun Sheng (Info) Stanford Neural Plasticity mjsheng 2024‑06‑27
Eric M. Shooter (Info) Stanford Neurotrophic factors cab 2008‑02‑02
Caleb C. Stokes (Info) UCSD pq 2015‑09‑25
Thomas C. Sudhof (Info) Stanford, Brigham and Women's Hospital, University Of Texas Sw Med Ctr/dallas Synapse miso 2006‑12‑03
Kate Raley Susman (Info) Vassar Robert Sapolsky 2006‑11‑02
Kenton Jon Swartz (Info) NIH Ion channels SwartzKJ 2018‑12‑10
Longzhi Tan (Info) Stanford Single-cell genomics, epigenomics, neurodevelopment tanlongzhi 2022‑04‑25
William G Tatton (Info) University of Calgary Parveen01 2018‑11‑17
C. Barr Taylor (Info) klevy 2017‑01‑16
Tammy T. Tran (Info) Johns Hopkins memory, fmri, hippocampus ttran 2017‑03‑08
Katherine E. (Katie) Travis (Info) UCSD, Stanford Medical School Language Development, Neuromorphology ktravis 2005‑11‑03
Richard W. Tsien (Info) Yale School of Medicine, Stanford, NYU School of Medicine calcium channel physiology and function in heart and neurons eboyden3 2005‑11‑04
Nigel Unwin (Info) Cambridge tkozai 2012‑09‑07
Hannes Vogel (Info) Stanford Medical School nerve and muscle pathology; mitochondrial diseases avarga 2005‑12‑14
Anthony D. Wagner (Info) Stanford Memory cab 2006‑02‑02
Sean K. Wang (Info) Harvard Medical School seankw 2021‑10‑28
Yanchen Wang (Info) Stanford University Medical School Computational Neuroscience dracoxu 2023‑04‑25
Yanchen Wang (Info) Stanford University Medical School dracoxu 2024‑01‑30
Yandan Wang (Info) Stanford Neuroscience Yandan 2022‑07‑14
Yandan Wang (Info) Stanford YandanW 2021‑12‑17
Andrea E. Wills (Info) UW Medical School development and regeneration pq 2015‑10‑07
Edward Nesbitt Wilson (Info) McGill, Stanford Alzheimer's disease, ADMIN 2017‑03‑27
Yu-Wei Wu (Info) Academia Sinica rikenmbr 2012‑03‑01
Joanna Wysocka (Info) Stanford University Medical School ShadySaad 2018‑12‑17
Tony Wyss-Coray (Info) Stanford neurodegeneration, TGF-beta, neuroinflammation tbrionne 2007‑05‑08
Draco (Yunlong) Xu (Info) Rochester, Chicago Computational Neuroscience dracoxu 2023‑04‑12
Shizuka Yamada (Info) Stanford University Medical School Neurotry 2020‑10‑20
David C. Yeomans (Info) Stanford Pain CJM3 2009‑03‑22
Jamie Zeitzer (Info) Stanford Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences david 2016‑01‑07
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