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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Olaf S. Andersen (Info) Cornell Medical College Membrane biophysics, ion channels wgreen 2011‑02‑08
John K. Chapin (Info) SUNY Brooklyn hanks 2005‑10‑23
Cynthia Czajkowski (Info) UW Madison GABA(A) receptor structure-function teissere 2007‑02‑07
David H. Farb (Info) Boston University Molecular physiology of benzodiazepines and other ion channel modulators; GABA(A) receptor structure-function; NMDA receptor structure and function; neuroactive steroids teissere 2008‑05‑14
Andre A. Fenton (Info) NYU Memory, Place Cells EJCW 2010‑11‑26
Mimi Halpern (Info) SUNY Brooklyn Olfaction JLand52 2005‑01‑29
Eric R. Kandel (Info) Columbia Learning and Memory JLand52 2005‑01‑26
Pierre-Pascal Lenck-Santini (Info) Dartmouth Medical School place cells, epilepsy, memory david 2008‑10‑07
Robert U. Muller (Info) SUNY Brooklyn bnjclk 2007‑03‑04
Bruno Poucet (Info) laboratory neuroscience cognition, Marseille spatial cognition, place cells pepe_lenck 2008‑10‑07
James B. Ranck, Jr. (Info) SUNY Brooklyn bnjclk 2007‑03‑04
John Carling Roder (Info) Mount Sinai School of Medicine Neuobiology clapcote 2012‑11‑18
Pat Sharp (Info) Bowling Green State University monkey 2006‑04‑02
Jeffrey S. Taube (Info) Dartmouth Head Direction Cells bnjclk 2007‑03‑04
Cornelius H. Vanderwolf (Info) Western Ontario Control of movement/EEG Thorfinn 2006‑04‑09
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