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Charles K. Abrams (Info) Albert Einstein dbseyler 2010‑04‑29
Mark Agostini (Info) University of Texas Southwestern epilepsy marcnuwer 2007‑02‑06
Jonathan J. Art (Info) Chicago, University of Illinois, Chicago vertebrate hair cells mbgoodman 2008‑09‑15
Riccardo Avvisati (Info) University of Rome Sapienza, University of Sussex, Oxford alducci 2017‑10‑09
Jonathan P. Bacon (Info) University of Sussex blagburn 2008‑11‑18
Alan Baddeley (Info) University of York working memory muncapher 2007‑10‑16
Roland J. Baddeley (Info) University of Bristol benvincent 2011‑06‑02
Tom Baden (Info) Cambridge jwd 2009‑12‑11
Aldo Badiani (Info) Sapienza University of Rome, CNR Italy, Concordia University Montreal, University of Michigan, Sapienza University of Rome Motivation, Drug addiction, Self-administration alducci 2008‑03‑29
Michael R. Bale (Info) University of Sussex, UK in vivo electrophysiology, somatosensory system, neural coding michaelbale41 2008‑10‑23
Jerome Baron (Info) Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) lucaspinto 2010‑10‑19
Harry Barrow (Info) Sussex University Computational vision goodhill 2009‑09‑03
Paul Benjamin (Info) University of Sussex vduerr 2015‑09‑23
Edgar Bermudez (Info) University of Lethbridge (Canada) annakov 2017‑03‑08
Malamati Bitzidou (Info) University of Sussex, UK michaelbale41 2016‑06‑28
Jonathan M. Blagburn (Info) Institute of Neurobiology Univ of Puerto Rico Med Sci Campus synapse development, synaptic morphology and physiology msosa 2008‑11‑11
Robin J. Blagg (Info) University of York, University of Bristol, University of Sussex, University of Manchester, University of East Anglia Inorganic Chemistry, Electrochemistry ClimbingChemist 2015‑06‑24
Robert A. Boakes (Info) University of Sydney Learning processes ansius 2007‑05‑09
Orla Bonnar (Info) University of Sussex catherinenhall 2019‑07‑04
Katie Boyd (Info) University of Sussex catherinenhall 2019‑07‑04
Leonie S. Brebner (Info) University of Sussex eisuke 2020‑02‑02
Kevin R. Brooks (Info) Macquarie University Vision, Psychophysics 2008‑06‑29
Michael Bull (Info) University of Sussex Mobile comminication technologies and their use, Music and sound in urban culture. New directions in Critical Theory (The Frankfurt School), sensory experience and methodologies. davidberry 2010‑06‑30
Julian Burke (Info) Sussex University kingsleycox 2016‑10‑18
Kirsten L. Challinor (Info) Aston University lpyudhb 2007‑04‑13
Acer Chang (Info) University of Sussex kanair 2014‑01‑20
Chris A. Clark (Info) UCL flew 2017‑02‑03
Devin Clarke (Info) University of Sussex catherinenhall 2019‑07‑04
Thomas Collett (Info) University of Sussex Vision, Insect Vision, Neuroethology esobel 2008‑04‑08
Neil Collinson (Info) DaiStephens 2009‑02‑20
Max Coltheart (Info) Macquarie University Reading aloud, speech production, cognitive modeling paul.dux 2006‑10‑25
Kingsley J. Cox (Info) SUNY Stony Brook learning and cortical circuitry kingsleycox 2016‑10‑18
Andrew Crawford (Info) Cambridge david 2005‑09‑08
Hugo Critchley (Info) UCL hayden 2006‑04‑19
Hans S. Crombag (Info) The University of Sussex Behavioral Neuroscience hcrombag 2008‑11‑24
Andrew K. Daniell (Info) University of Sussex Vision 2008‑06‑29
Christopher J. Darwin (Info) Sussex University bobcarlyon 2009‑12‑17
Silvana De Pirro (Info) University of Sussex (United Kingdom) Neuroimaging, Drug Addiction, Human Neuropsychopharmacology, fMRI, Neuropsycholgy, Emotions, Opiates, Psychostimulants sd_hp 2017‑08‑19
Ezequiel A. Di Paolo (Info) University of the Basque Country marohde 2011‑01‑08
Anthony Dickinson (Info) Cambridge hayden 2006‑08‑21
Claire I. Dixon (Info) University of Sussex Drug addiction cidixon 2017‑04‑05
Sarah L. Dunworth (Info) DaiStephens 2009‑02‑20
Simon Durrant (Info) University of Sheffield, University of Sussex, University of Sussex neuroscience_egg 2018‑08‑30
Martin Egelhaaf (Info) University of Bielefeld, Department of Neurobiology mattiw 2008‑11‑14
Maurice R. Elphick (Info) Queen Mary University of London Comparative physiology & evolution of neuropeptide signalling (focusing on echinoderms), Endocannabinoid signalling, nitric oxide signalling melphick 2008‑12‑08
Jose A. Fernandez-Leon (Info) Harvard Medical School - BWH Systems and Computational Neuroscience jafphd 2011‑02‑28
Robert Fettiplace (Info) UW Madison mechanotransduction, hair cells, auditory system david 2005‑09‑08
Lenzie Katherine Ford (Info) Columbia Lkf2117 2018‑04‑02
Lewis Forder (Info) University of Sussex glupyan 2016‑05‑16
Anna Franklin (Info) Cognium 2014‑12‑04
Daniel Fulton (Info) University of Birmingham (UK) Oligodendrocyte and myelin biology fultond 2016‑10‑04
Sarah N. Garfinkel (Info) University of Sussex crae 2014‑09‑30
nicolay gausel (Info) university of agder cwleach 2018‑04‑21
Gwenaelle S.G. Geleoc (Info) Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School Inner ear physiology, hair cells, gene therapy ggeleoc 2019‑03‑11
Silvia Gennari (Info) University of Sussex david 2005‑08‑29
Sophie A. George (Info) University of Michigan anxiety, fear conditioning, PTSD sophiegeorge 2009‑08‑03
Geoffrey J. Goodhill (Info) University of Queensland Computational neuroscience, axon guidance, visual system development goodhill 2009‑09‑03
Paul Graham (Info) University of Sussex tshat 2011‑01‑08
Massimo Grassi (Info) University of Padova Hearing massimo006 2012‑11‑21
Marcus Gray (Info) Brighton and Sussex Medical School Neuroscience and Neuroimaging dolan 2010‑11‑11
Dorieke Grijseels (Info) University of Sussex catherinenhall 2019‑07‑04
Alessandro Guida (Info) University of Rennes 2 Memory jojolabricole 2011‑09‑29
Briac Halbout (Info) UC Irvine Drugs addiction, Dopamine, behaviour halboutb 2011‑07‑25
Catherine Naledi Hall (Info) UCL attwell 2009‑12‑16
Stephen T. Hamilton (Info) UC Davis Psycholingustics cljohns 2014‑11‑18
Robert Harris (Info) Biology, University of Sussex Insect vision and navigation, retinal processing simon laughlin 2006‑07‑04
Neil Andrew Harrison (Info) Brighton and Sussex Med School Basic Neuroscience dolan 2010‑11‑11
Nicole Syringa Harth (Info) University of Sussex (United Kingdom) cwleach 2018‑04‑21
Inman Harvey (Info) University of Sussex Theoretical Neuroscience, Philosophy, Evolution jafphd 2011‑02‑28
Natalie Hempel de Ibarra (Info) University of Exeter insect vision, visual ecology natahdi 2008‑06‑27
Henning Holle (Info) University of Sussex, UK dkoester 2010‑09‑15
Jessica S. Horst (Info) University of Sussex Cognitive development, language acquisition lynnkperry 2007‑12‑09
Phillip Husbands (Info) University of Sussex Theoretical Neuroscience, Philosophy, Evolution jafphd 2011‑02‑28
Abdul Raouf Issa (Info) University of Sussex, UK Neurodegeneration,Hox genes, Neuronal circuits RaoufIssa80 2019‑08‑09
Ashok Jansari (Info) University of East London, Goldsmiths College Face memory r_oshea 2021‑11‑18
Phil Johnson-Laird (Info) Princeton timdalgleish 2008‑02‑12
Ryota Kanai (Info) University of Sussex Neuroscience Verstraten 2005‑09‑25
Ryan Gene Kavlie (Info) University of Sussex Drosophila, Genetics, Developmental Biology jessicahorst 2008‑09‑24
George Kemenes (Info) University of Sussex (United Kingdom) Lkf2117 2018‑04‑02
Beena Khurana (Info) University of Sussex gmaus 2010‑08‑24
Sarah L. King (Info) University of Sussex rsteine 2006‑04‑09
Dirk Koester (Info) Bielefeld University, Germany psycholinguistics, action, perception, cognitive neuroscience dkoester 2010‑09‑15
Eisuke Koya (Info) University of Sussex medial prefrontal cortex, nucleus accumbens, neuronal ensembles, drug addiction, slice elctrophysiology eisuke 2009‑11‑07
Corne Kros (Info) University of Sussex hair cells, physiology david 2016‑07‑11
Cornelius Kros (Info) Sussex University ggeleoc 2019‑03‑11
Leon Lagnado (Info) University of Sussex synaptic transmission, ribbon synapses felixs 2006‑08‑28
Michael Francis Land (Info) University of Sussex Neurobiology neurophile 2008‑04‑22
Simon Laughlin (Info) Cambridge Visual system, energy efficiency, neural circuit design, natural image statistics, information theory, noise constraints, optimal coding david 2005‑09‑07
Colin W. Leach (Info) UC Santa Cruz Social Psychology pq 2016‑06‑02
David Leavens (Info) Sussex University Animal Cognition, Cognitive Development, Communication, Comparative psychology, Developmental psychology, Evolution of language, Experimental psychology, Gestures, Observational methods, Pointing R0bert 2018‑03‑20
David Lent (Info) University of Sussex tshat 2011‑01‑08
Betty Ann Levy (Info) McMaster University anonimoso 2013‑09‑27
Sheng Li (Info) Peking University vision, brain imaging dllisheng 2011‑03‑06
Hugh Christopher Longuet-Higgins (Info) University of Sussex artificial intelligence, theoretical chemistry brianmingus 2010‑06‑05
Gary Lupyan (Info) UW Madison Language, Categorization, Vision, Neural Networks, Top-Down Effects glupyan 2008‑02‑03
Euan MacPhail (Info) University of York comparative psychology balleine 2007‑09‑27
Tom Macpherson (Info) Kyoto University Striatum, Basal Ganglia, Decision-Making, Reward tm81 2012‑10‑03
Paola Manzini (Info) University of Sussex rtol 2017‑11‑01
Miguel Maravall (Info) Instituto de Neurociencias de Alicante Somatosensory system, mechanisms of coding & response properties, electrophysiology oertner 2008‑10‑14
Gabriella Margetts-Smith (Info) University of Sussex eisuke 2020‑02‑02
Bruno Marie (Info) Institute of Neurobiology Univ of Puerto Rico Med Sci Campus blagburn 2008‑11‑18
George Mather (Info) Sussex zililiu 2006‑10‑05
Gerrit W. Maus (Info) UC Berkeley, University of Sussex, Nanyang Technological University, UC Davis Visual perception gmaus 2008‑03‑19
David J. Mawer (Info) University of Sussex addiction, appetitive, motivation, pavlovian conditioning, instrumental learning, dopamine, glutamate, DARPP-32 dmawer 2011‑03‑13
John Maynard Smith (Info) Sussex Evolutionary Biology wmbrown 2007‑04‑04
Andy N. Mead (Info) Pfizer Ltd, UK Drug addiction DaiStephens 2009‑02‑20
Emiliano Merlo (Info) University of Sussex, University of Buenos Aires, Faculty of Medicine Memory emimerlo 2006‑01‑31
Richard G.M. Morris (Info) Edinburgh Learning and Memory, synaptic plasticity hayden 2006‑04‑12
Arish Mudra Rakshasa-Loots (Info) Earlham College, Edinburgh arishmr 2020‑10‑11
William R. A. Muntz (Info) The University of Sussex, University of Stirling, Monash University (Australia) Intraocular transfer in octopus, Ocular media & spectral sensitivity in fish and frog shawnpg 2016‑07‑18
Linda Murdoch (Info) University of Otago Vision, Women’s and Children’s Health 2008‑06‑29
Elizabeth E. Nicholls (Info) University of Exeter natahdi 2015‑06‑27
Romi Nijhawan (Info) University of Sussex gmaus 2008‑03‑19
Jeremy E. Niven (Info) Cambridge Neuroethology, Fly photoreceptors, Locust motor system fusionlabs 2007‑09‑20
Michael O'Shea (Info) University of Geneva, Chicago, University of Sussex yaleflydr 2007‑10‑11
Jane Oakhill (Info) Sussex University Text Comprehension jojolabricole 2011‑09‑30
Eoin C. OConnor (Info) University of Sussex psychology, glutamate, addiction, learning, memory, appetitive eoin1982 2010‑10‑27
Swidbert R. Ott (Info) Cambridge Invertebrate Neurobiology melphick 2008‑12‑08
Alan R. Palmer (Info) Nottingham david 2005‑07‑05
Alan Parkin (Info) Sussex University r_oshea 2021‑11‑20
Jim Parkinson (Info) Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience vision, action, motor cognition, action-perception link, biological motion, prediction, action simulation jimparkinson 2008‑05‑08
Benjamin A. Parris (Info) University of Bournemouth Executive functions and frontal lobe function bparris 2009‑09‑04
Kate Zara Peters (Info) University of Sussex ensembles, PFC, appetitive learning, food, cues, reward, dopamine kate.peters 2019‑03‑07
Andrew O. Philippides (Info) University of Sussex tshat 2011‑01‑08
Sheena Potretzke (Info) OHSU Alcohol, neuropeptides, social neuroscience spotretzke 2019‑10‑30
Sadhana Puntambekar (Info) University of Connecticut, UW Madison Educational Psychology Education, Technology of Education pq 2016‑04‑18
Chris Racey (Info) University of Sussex (United Kingdom) Vision, Colour, Color, fMRI, Ventral Stream cracey 2020‑10‑08
Charlotte L. Rae (Info) University of Sussex crae 2010‑10‑21
Lee Reid (Info) University of Sussex DaiStephens 2009‑02‑20
Darren Rhodes (Info) University of Birmingham, University of Sussex Time perception, Bayesian Modeling, Psychophysics darrenrhodes1987 2012‑05‑21
Olena Riabinina (Info) Durham University insect neurophysiology and neuroethology, olfaction, hearing, vision, navigation tshat 2011‑01‑08
Mikkel Roald-Arbøl (Info) University of Sussex visual system, sleep, invertebrates, behaviour roaldarbol 2021‑06‑02
Yuri Elias Rodrigues (Info) Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Université Côte d'Azur, University of Sussex Alzheimer's Disease yurier 2017‑07‑17
Antonio C. Roque (Info) USP Computational neuroscience acroque 2008‑10‑31
Warrick Roseboom (Info) University of Sussex human time perception 2009‑04‑11
Ian Russell (Info) Univesity of Sussex haircelljon 2016‑01‑23
Jennifer Rusted (Info) Birkbeck College MaxColtheart 2018‑04‑29
Michael Schartner (Info) Sussex University Levels of consciousness, complexity Mschart 2016‑01‑24
Louise C Serpell (Info) University of Sussex (United Kingdom) Lkf2117 2018‑04‑02
Anil K. Seth (Info) University of Sussex Neuroscience, Consciousness akseth 2012‑12‑12
Kira Shaw (Info) University of Sussex catherinenhall 2019‑07‑04
Maxine Sherman (Info) University of Sussex kanair 2014‑01‑20
Meike Claudia Sieburg (Info) University of Sussex, UK appetitive conditioning, neuronal ensembles, motivation Meike123 2016‑05‑05
Alice Skelton (Info) Sussex University Aes31 2019‑07‑09
Lucy Paloma Somers (Info) University of Sussex (United Kingdom) Colour vision 2019‑07‑09
Rebecca C. Steiner (Info) NIMH rsteine 2006‑04‑09
Dai Stephens (Info) University of Sussex behavioral neuroscience, alcohol and drug abuse DaiStephens 2009‑02‑20
Norman Stuart Sutherland (Info) Sussex University katejeffery 2018‑11‑21
Benjamin Simon Thompson (Info) McGill zililiu 2006‑10‑04
Paul Tofts (Info) University of Sussex flew 2017‑04‑06
Katherine E. Twomey (Info) University of Manchester Developmental Psychology jessicahorst 2010‑05‑13
Philip Vassilev (Info) University of Sussex alducci 2017‑10‑09
Zuzana Vaverková (Info) University of Sussex emimerlo 2020‑09‑22
Jaime H. Vera (Info) University of Sussex arishmr 2021‑11‑18
Benjamin T. Vincent (Info) University of Dundee vision, attention, decision making, inference benvincent 2011‑06‑02
Jamie Ward (Info) UCL Synaesthesia noamsagiv 2007‑04‑03
Brendan S. Weekes (Info) University of Sussex Disorders of written and spoken language bparris 2009‑09‑04
R Frederick Westbrook (Info) The University of New South Wales Learning processes, Behavioural neuroscience ansius 2007‑05‑09
Paul N. Wilson (Info) University of Hull DavidGeorge 2010‑07‑28
Ian M. Winter (Info) Cambridge marksayles 2014‑02‑03
Si Wu (Info) CAS malras 2010‑07‑05
Michiko Yoshie (Info) UCL michikoyoshie 2012‑02‑04
Takeshi Yoshimatsu (Info) University of Washington bleckert 2011‑07‑29
John Zachary Young (Info) UCL hanks 2005‑10‑26
Joseph J. Ziminski (Info) University of Sussex eisuke 2020‑02‑02
Maxime JY Zimmermann (Info) University of Sussex (United Kingdom) Visual System MaximZimmer 2019‑03‑12
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