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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Shuntaro Hojo (Info) Teikyo University george.perry 2010‑09‑06
Shiro Ikegami (Info) National Rehab Center delong 2016‑12‑08
Taichi Kusayama (Info) Teikyo University ktoda 2018‑10‑20
Masanori Niimi (Info) Teikyo University immunesystem mniimi 2013‑12‑02
Masaki Sakurai (Info) Teikyo University School of Medicine synaptic plasticity, development, corticospinal tract seis 2010‑08‑25
Masaya Sato (Info) Keio University, Teikyo University, Seisa University behavior analysis sadahikonakajima 2016‑01‑06
Jun-ichi Suzuki (Info) Mount Sinai, Teikyo University jmaruta 2017‑04‑27
Shigeru Watanabe (Info) Keio University "Comparative Psychology", "Neuroscience", "Behavioral Pharmacology" ktoda 2011‑05‑23
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