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Dekel Abeles (Info) Tel Aviv University shlomit 2017‑06‑04
Eran Amichai (Info) Tel Aviv University nulanovsky 2015‑09‑05
Roy Amit (Info) Tel Aviv University shlomit 2017‑06‑04
Yaira Amit (Info) Tel Aviv University Biblical historiography, Biblical poetics, Biblical theology, instructional program development for Bible studies arnonh 2010‑07‑09
Zohar A. Arnon (Info) Tel Aviv University Bionanotechnology, Supramolecular biochemistry 2017‑12‑04
Uri Ashery (Info) Tel Aviv University oferyizhar 2023‑07‑03
Karen B. Avraham (Info) Tel Aviv University genetics, hearing loss david 2009‑01‑29
Bhuvanesh Awasthi (Info) UW Madison Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, Visual Perception, Behavioural Insights, Neuroeconomics bhu 2013‑02‑15
Vadim Axelrod (Info) Bar-Ilan vadim1508 2009‑07‑24
Daniel Bar Tal (Info) Tel Aviv University Social psychology of knowledge, stereotypes and prejudice, political psychology, class interaction arnonh 2010‑07‑09
Segev Barak (Info) Tel Aviv University Neurobiology of addiction fritz 2011‑09‑02
Shamgar Ben-Elyahu (Info) Tel Aviv University PabloBlinder 2016‑07‑24
Eshel Ben-Jacob (Info) University of Michigan, Tel Aviv University Neuron-Glia interactions, Neurochips, Neuronal Network Neuroengineering, Information Processing in Neuronal Networks mauriziodepitta 2010‑03‑02
Dalit Ben-Yosef (Info) Tel Aviv University mtelias 2021‑10‑19
Amit Benbenishty (Info) Tel Aviv University PabloBlinder 2016‑07‑24
Amal Kanti Bera (Info) Indian Institute of Technology Madras ion channel, gap junction, GABAA receptor, stroke amalkanti 2009‑02‑28
Katya Egert Berg (Info) Tel Aviv University nulanovsky 2015‑09‑05
Sonu Bhaskar (Info) Liverpool Hospital, Sydney, Australia, Ingham Institute, Liverpool, Australia, Global Health Neurology Lab, Sydney, Australia, NSW Brain Clot Bank, Sydney, Australia, National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center, Osaka, Japan Neurology, Global Health, Cerebrovascular Disorders, Stroke, Neuroscience, Neuroimaging, Social Inequalities in Health drsbhaskar 2022‑01‑20
Menucha Birenbaum (Info) Tel Aviv University Alternative approaches to assessing achievement, assessment of individual learning strategies arnonh 2010‑07‑11
Pablo Blinder (Info) Tel Aviv University Neurovascular coupling pb007 2015‑02‑25
Gadi Blumrosen (Info) Tel Aviv University nulanovsky 2011‑10‑22
Rotem Botvinik-Nezer (Info) Dartmouth placebo, decision-making, preferences, neural plasticity, memory, open science rotembot 2019‑09‑17
Talia Brandman (Info) Tel Aviv University Body processing, Neuroimaging galit 2010‑05‑27
Gilles Bronchti (Info) Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières blindness, sensory systems, plasticity, neuroanatomy bronchti 2015‑09‑16
Yoram Burak (Info) UC Santa Barbara, Harvard, Hebrew University Theoretical neuroscience xkivi 2009‑09‑13
Leigh C. Carmody (Info) Broad Institute of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard High throughput screening lccslug 2007‑10‑24
Ella Daniel (Info) Tel Aviv University arielknafo 2019‑02‑06
Sasha Danilovich (Info) Tel Aviv University nulanovsky 2015‑09‑05
Nathan Dascal (Info) Tel Aviv University potassium channel amalkanti 2009‑02‑28
Orit Dashevsky (Info) Tel Aviv University nulanovsky 2015‑09‑05
Maurizio De Pittà (Info) Tel Aviv University, INRIA Rhône-Alpes, Chicago, Basque Center for Applied Mathematics, University of the Basque Country, University of Toronto, Krembil Research Institute, Toronto, Ontario computational neuroscience, neuron-glia interactions, neuron-glial networks, calcium signaling, Alzheimer's disease, computational glioscience, glial technologies mauriziodepitta 2010‑03‑02
Stanislas Dehaene (Info) Neurospin, CEA, Inserm hayden 2005‑08‑08
Dror Dotan (Info) Tel Aviv University, Neurospin CEA/Inserm U992 dror.dotan 2016‑02‑25
Anabel Eckerling (Info) Tel Aviv University Stress and inflammation signaling in perioperative cancer care Anabel1E 2022‑11‑14
David Eilam (Info) Tel Aviv University ShahafW 2018‑01‑04
Hagit Eldar-Finkelman (Info) Tel Aviv University lccslug 2008‑03‑11
Yechiel Elkabetz (Info) Tel Aviv University sundor 2012‑12‑11
Avishay Eyal (Info) Tel Aviv University Idan_Steinberg 2018‑04‑19
Arseny Finkelstein (Info) Weizmann Institute, Janelia Research Campus, Tel Aviv University Neuroscience, Decision-making, Short-term memory, Sensorimotor learning; Goal-directed behavior; Neural mechanisms of navigation and spatial memory; Connectivity nulanovsky 2011‑10‑22
Daniel Fitousi (Info) Penn State mjw19psu 2009‑12‑22
Jason Friedman (Info) Tel Aviv University motor control jasonfriedman 2010‑05‑10
Naama Friedmann (Info) Tel Aviv University Neuropsychology of language 036405257 2010‑03‑14
Rachel Gali Cinamon (Info) Tel Aviv University Career development: work-family conflict, work-family conflict expectation and role management self-efficacy, career and professional development of adolescents and young adults, counselors professional development, women career development arnonh 2010‑07‑11
Israel Ganot (Info) Tel Aviv University Idan_Steinberg 2018‑04‑19
Amos Gdalyahu (Info) UCLA Neurobiology Amos 2007‑11‑14
Hagai Har Gil (Info) Tel Aviv University PabloBlinder 2016‑07‑24
Sharon Gilad Gutnik (Info) MIT galit 2014‑06‑29
Roee Gilron (Info) Tel Aviv University roeegilron 2013‑12‑05
David Ginat (Info) Tel Aviv University Development of mathematical and algorithmic thinking, Novice tendencies misleading intuition and learning from mistakes, Creative encapsulation of colorful challenges in teaching arnonh 2010‑07‑11
Aidai Golan (Info) Tel Aviv University ani16r 2021‑03‑16
Ilan Golani (Info) Tel Aviv University bronchti 2015‑09‑16
Lior Golgher (Info) Tel Aviv University PabloBlinder 2016‑07‑24
Koral Goltseker (Info) Columbia Neuroscience kgoltseker 2019‑10‑28
Uri Gophna (Info) Tel Aviv University Evolutionary Biology, Microbiology urigo 2020‑04‑13
Yosef Grodzinsky (Info) McGill Neurolinguistics yosef 2009‑01‑10
Aviah Gvion (Info) Tel Aviv University 036405257 2010‑03‑14
Manar Haddad-Hanna (Info) Tel Aviv University 036405257 2021‑03‑13
Matthew R. Halley (Info) Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University evolutionary ecology, ethology, ornithology, animal behavior, systematics matthewhalley 2015‑11‑21
Neta Haluts (Info) Tel Aviv University 036405257 2022‑10‑18
Israel Hanukoglu (Info) Weizmann Institute, Ariel University Epithelial sodium channel (ENaC), Steroidogenesis, Keratin structure, Oxidoreductase enzymes, Cell biology mbiochem 2011‑04‑04
Lee Harten (Info) Tel Aviv University nulanovsky 2015‑09‑05
Arnon Hershkovitz (Info) Tel Aviv University Educational Data Mining, Web-based Learning, Social Networks in Education arnonh 2010‑07‑05
Rinat Hilo (Info) Tel Aviv University shlomit 2017‑06‑04
Ayala Hochman (Info) Tel Aviv University george.perry 2010‑12‑30
David Horn (Info) Tel Aviv University erezpersi 2011‑09‑19
Simon Israeli-Korn (Info) Tel Aviv University drsbhaskar 2022‑01‑21
Daphna Joel (Info) Tel Aviv University behavioral neuroscience, OCD, basal ganglia fritz 2008‑04‑13
Igor Kagan (Info) Caltech, German Primate Center (DPZ) System Neuroscience igork 2009‑03‑11
Naomi Kahana (Info) Tel Aviv University 036405257 2021‑10‑06
Uri Kahanovitch (Info) Virginia Tech Glial Biology, Ion Channels urik 2017‑03‑17
Ari E. Kahn (Info) Princeton, Penn, Tel Aviv University Learning and Decision Making, Graph Learning arikahn 2023‑11‑04
David Kain (Info) Tel Aviv University PabloBlinder 2016‑07‑24
Yuval Z. Katz (Info) Tel Aviv University 036405257 2022‑10‑18
Rivka Keren (Info) Tel Aviv University Clinical Psychology noamkeren 2008‑09‑27
Ariel Knafo-Noam (Info) Hebrew University Values, Developmental psychology, empathy, prosocial behavior, parenting arielknafo 2019‑02‑06
Ewa Kozela (Info) Sackler Faculty of Medicine PiotrPopik 2014‑06‑10
Edwin G. Krebs (Info) University of Washington Protein Phosphorylation randyhall 2007‑05‑17
Dominique Lamy (Info) School of Psychological Sciences, Tel Aviv University LiadMudrik 2021‑02‑13
Tomer Langberg (Info) Fulbright Fellow, Postdoc, Tel Aviv University amarsahay 2023‑04‑10
Nilli Lavie (Info) UCL Visual system david 2005‑02‑03
Tal Laviv (Info) Max Planck Florida Institute Synaptic plasticity, FLIM, in vivo imaging tallaviv 2016‑02‑22
David G. Lavond (Info) USC Learning and Memory, Cerebellum, Classical Conditioning, Recovery of Function dlavond 2011‑03‑10
Iris Levin (Info) Tel Aviv University Intuitive and school-developed concepts, influence of schooling and Learning on thinking, mother-child interaction and cognitive development arnonh 2010‑07‑09
Zafrit Lewin (Info) Tel Aviv University nulanovsky 2011‑10‑22
Alisa Lubart (Info) Tel Aviv University PabloBlinder 2016‑07‑24
Robert E. Lubow (Info) Tel Aviv University Latent inhibition, attention fritz 2008‑04‑10
Tal Makovski (Info) UMN Visual attention, visual memory talmakovski 2008‑12‑02
Ela Markovsky (Info) Tel Aviv University drug delivery, cancer Elamarkovsky 2011‑07‑29
Eldad Melamed (Info) Tel Aviv University Wurtlab 2006‑10‑12
Nitzan Micher (Info) Tel Aviv University consciousness, unconscious processing MicherN 2023‑08‑17
Matti Mintz (Info) Tel Aviv University hayden 2006‑07‑29
Julia Mitiagin (Info) Tel Aviv University PabloBlinder 2016‑07‑24
Anan Moran (Info) Tel Aviv University Electrophysiology of Learning and Memory, Taste System, Computational Neuroscience ananmoran 2017‑07‑06
Liad Mudrik (Info) Tel Aviv University amirtal 2020‑11‑17
Roy Mukamel (Info) Weizmann Institute Visual cortex pq 2015‑11‑24
Nathan Nelson (Info) Tel Aviv University Molecular biology of membrane proteins gph2 2012‑05‑03
Yuval Nir (Info) Sackler Faculty of Medicine Spontaneous activity and sleep yuvalnir 2009‑01‑15
Shany Peled-Hajaj (Info) Tel Aviv University PabloBlinder 2016‑07‑24
Erez Persi (Info) Tel Aviv University Visual System, Heterogeneities in neural networks, Peptide Markers erezpersi 2011‑09‑19
Uri Polat (Info) Tel Aviv University david 2016‑06‑23
Piotr Popik (Info) Institute of Pharmacology, Polish Academy of Sciences neuroscience, behavioral neuropharmacology, antidepressant pharmacology, rodent behavior, learning and memory, animal models of psychiatric disorders PiotrPopik 2014‑06‑10
Yosef Prat (Info) Tel Aviv University nulanovsky 2015‑09‑05
Arielle Radin (Info) UCLA Psychoneuroimmunology, Cognition, Gut-Brain Axis arielleradin 2017‑11‑28
Aniruddha Ramgir (Info) Tel Aviv University visual attention ani16r 2021‑03‑16
Gonen Raveh (Info) Tel Aviv University Educational Robotics 2022‑01‑23
Dana Ron (Info) Tel Aviv University Machine learning, property testing Tishby 2012‑04‑14
Boaz Sadeh (Info) Tel Aviv University Neuroimaging, Face recognition galit 2010‑05‑27
Amar Sahay (Info) Harvard Medical School, MGH & Harvard Stem Cell Institute Hippocampus and memory, Adult hippocampal Neurogenesis amarsahay 2010‑05‑03
Mor Sasi (Info) Tel Aviv University ani16r 2021‑03‑16
Daniela Schiller (Info) NYU, Mount Sinai School of Medicine reconsolidation, reversal learning, inhibition of fear, fMRI, SCR neurostudent 2007‑04‑24
Tom Schonberg (Info) UT Austin Cognitive neuroscience tschonberg 2013‑09‑19
Galit Sfadia (Info) Tel Aviv University PabloBlinder 2016‑07‑24
Lilach Shalev (Info) Tel Aviv University shlomit 2017‑06‑04
Dahlia Sharon (Info) Stanford didi 2009‑09‑09
Einat Shetreet (Info) Tel Aviv University 036405257 2015‑08‑21
Mark Lvovich Shik (Info) Institute for the Problems of Information Transmission Khakhalin 2010‑06‑09
Boaz Mr. Shunami (Info) Tel Aviv University Single Trial ERP, Wavelets booaazz 2008‑01‑19
Inna Slutsky (Info) tallaviv 2016‑02‑22
Hedva Spitzer (Info) Tel Aviv University Color Vision Hochstein 2009‑05‑10
Idan Steinberg (Info) Stanford Biophotonics, Ultrasound, Raman imaging, Photoacoustics, Molecular imaging Idan_Steinberg 2018‑04‑19
Ronit Szterman (Info) Tel Aviv University 036405257 2020‑11‑01
Amir Tal (Info) Columbia learning, memory amirtal 2020‑11‑16
Noam Tal (Info) Tel Aviv University shlomit 2017‑06‑04
Bharath Chandra Talluri (Info) University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf Cognitive Neuroscience BharathTalluri 2015‑12‑28
Aryeh H. Taub (Info) Weizmann Institute taubar 2010‑05‑05
Michel (Michael) Telias (Info) University of Rochester Medical Center Neuroscience, Fragile X Syndrome, Retina mtelias 2021‑10‑19
Daniel Toledano (Info) Tel Aviv University ani16r 2021‑03‑16
Omri Tomer (Info) Tel Aviv University PabloBlinder 2016‑07‑24
Yaacov Trope (Info) NYU Social Psychology pq 2016‑03‑18
Yehoshua Tsal (Info) Tel Aviv University dmbeck 2007‑05‑17
Edit Tshuva (Info) Tel Aviv University Synthetic Bioinorganic Chemistry Frozen1969 2022‑12‑02
Amos Tversky (Info) Stanford Decision-making hayden 2005‑12‑20
Marius Usher (Info) UCL k.tsetsos 2016‑03‑15
Ina Weiner (Info) Tel Aviv University Latent inhibition, animal models of schizophrenia, behavioral neuroscience fritz 2008‑04‑10
Amatzia Weisel (Info) Tel Aviv University Education and rehabilitation of deaf and hard of hearing students, The psycho-social context of deafness, Attitudes towards persons with physical disabilities, Educational policy in special education arnonh 2010‑07‑12
Shahaf Weiss (Info) Technion, Tel Aviv University, Max Planck for Brain Research nulanovsky 2015‑09‑05
Zvi Wollberg (Info) Tel Aviv University bronchti 2015‑09‑16
Moshe Wolman (Info) Tel Aviv University george.perry 2010‑08‑04
Maya Yachini (Info) Tel Aviv University 036405257 2022‑10‑18
Shlomo Yehuda (Info) Bar-Ilan Wurtlab 2006‑10‑12
Ofer Yizhar (Info) Weizmann Institute Optogenetics, prefrontal cortex, social behavior, autism, synaptic transmission oferyizhar 2012‑10‑27
Galit Yovel (Info) Tel Aviv University paller 2006‑03‑07
Yossi Yovel (Info) Tel Aviv University Bat Echolocation; Active Sensing nulanovsky 2011‑10‑22
Shlomit Yuval-Greenberg (Info) Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv University Vision and eye movements shlomit 2007‑09‑22
Amotz Zahavi (Info) Tel Aviv University matthewhalley 2015‑11‑21
Daniel Zakay (Info) Tel Aviv University Bao 2008‑09‑26
Lee Zuckerman (Info) Columbia fritz 2008‑04‑13
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