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Marom Bikson (Info) City College New York JGRJ 2010‑07‑21
Tatiana Emmanouil (Info) Baruch College attention jlbrooks 2006‑08‑23
Nigel Gebodh (Info) The City College of the City University of New York Visual system, Brain stimulation, tDCS, Physiology, EEG Ng01 2017‑11‑03
Belen Lafon (Info) City College of of New York electrical stimulation, hippocampal plasticity, homeostatic plasticity asifr 2012‑06‑14
Lucas Parra (Info) CUNY speech, audition, computational modeling, EEG weiji 2008‑08‑21
Marjan Persuh (Info) CUNY tro 2009‑12‑09
Asif Rahman (Info) CCNY electrical stimulation, cortical plasticity asifr 2012‑06‑14
Davide Reato (Info) CCNY, Albert Einstein, Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown Neural circuits, Electrical stimulation asifr 2012‑06‑14
Tony Ro (Info) CUNY Attention and Perception hayden 2005‑02‑26
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