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Edward Benzel (Info) University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, Cleveland Clinic ziechmar 2018‑04‑26
Brett A. Campbell (Info) Cleveland Clinic Electrophysiology, Parkinson's disease, Stroke, Deep Brain Stimulation, Functional Neurosurgery brettacampbell92 2016‑08‑23
Zhihong Chen (Info) Emory Neuroinflammation zhihong.chen 2017‑10‑11
Lauren Daniele (Info) Cleveland Clinic contraphd 2016‑09‑07
Emanuel M. DiCicco-Bloom (Info) UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Embryonic neurogenesis, PACAP junghyup 2008‑06‑14
Donald Dohn (Info) Cleveland Clinic ziechmar 2018‑04‑26
Judith Drazba (Info) Cleveland Clinic vlemmon 2013‑09‑26
Darlene Floden (Info) Cleveland Clinic executive function, functional neurosurgery mcandrws 2007‑08‑08
John T. Gale (Info) Cleveland Clinic basal ganglia, electrophysiology galej 2010‑07‑29
W. James Gardner (Info) Cleveland Clinic ziechmar 2018‑04‑26
Joseph Hahn (Info) Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland Clinic ziechmar 2018‑04‑26
Wallace Hamby (Info) Cleveland Clinic, University at Buffalo, SUNY, NY ziechmar 2018‑04‑26
Marcel Heers (Info) University Hospital Bochum Video EEG Monitoring, MEEG source localization, generalized epilepsy, focal epilepsy mheers 2009‑11‑18
Patricia Klaas (Info) Cleveland Clinic Pediatric Neuropsychology dfloden 2007‑11‑14
Hitoshi Komuro (Info) Cleveland Clinic chiara74 2005‑12‑04
Bruce T. Lamb (Info) Penn, Johns Hopkins, Case Western, Cleveland Clinic, Purdue ykomuro 2016‑07‑27
Emma Lessieur (Info) Cleveland Clinic contraphd 2016‑09‑07
Xin Li (Info) Cleveland Clinic weimbs 2017‑07‑25
John Little (Info) Cleveland Clinic ziechmar 2018‑04‑26
Charles Locke (Info) Cleveland Clinic ziechmar 2018‑04‑26
Marc Mayberg (Info) Cleveland Clinic ziechmar 2018‑04‑24
Erwin B. Montgomery (Info) University of Alabama galej 2010‑07‑29
John C. Mosher (Info) Cleveland Clinic magnetoencephalography, MEG KarimJ 2010‑09‑15
Richard Naugle (Info) Cleveland Clinic Neuropsychology naugler 2009‑02‑16
Hyun-Joo Park (Info) Cleveland Clinic parkdbs 2018‑03‑28
Brian D. Perkins (Info) Texas A & M, Cleveland Clinic retinal development kwoonwong 2005‑12‑04
John Wesley Peterson (Info) Ohio State, Cleveland Clinic david 2016‑05‑16
Alexander B. Pine (Info) Cleveland Clinic Stem cells, biology of the niche, neuro-onc, neuro crtitical care, neuroethics alpine 2010‑11‑02
Lana M. Pollock (Info) Cleveland Clinic Ophthalmology lpollock08 2016‑03‑05
Shweta S. Puntambekar (Info) Cleveland Clinic mcarson 2012‑10‑23
Ian T Rossman (Info) Cleveland Clinic smrpre 2018‑12‑29
Gary Russo (Info) Cleveland Clinic brian 2006‑04‑05
Colleen L. Schneider (Info) Rochester Visual System, Plasticity, Rehabilitation cschnei8 2016‑09‑27
Aasef G. Shaikh (Info) Cleveland Clinic Vestibular, Eye movements, head movements, tremor, dystonia, DBS aasefshaikh 2008‑05‑03
Minqian Shen (Info) Cleveland Clinic shih 2013‑12‑02
Tarkeshwar Singh (Info) Cleveland Clinic Motor Control, Biomechanics tarkeshwarsingh 2013‑04‑21
Maria C. Smith (Info) Cleveland Clinic al 2016‑04‑07
Susan M. Staugaitis (Info) Cleveland Clinic george.perry 2010‑08‑01
Thyagarajan Subramanian (Info) PennState Basal ganglia pathophysiology in Parkinson's disease and neuroregeneration mheers 2009‑11‑29
Hoonkyo Suh (Info) Cleveland Clinic neurogenesis hoonkyo 2013‑05‑10
Bruce Trapp (Info) Cleveland Clinic george.perry 2010‑08‑02
Thomas Weimbs (Info) UC Santa Barbara david 2016‑01‑14
Donald Whiting (Info) Allegheny Hospital ziechmar 2018‑04‑26
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