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Richard J. Addante (Info) UT Dallas, California State Univ. San Bernardino Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory rasso 2009‑03‑30
Neil Albert (Info) Colgate University Motor learning and skill, Cognition for/from actions nbalbert 2007‑01‑15
Emily B. Bisen-Hersh (Info) Temple University ebh 2010‑11‑14
Jaime K Brown (Info) University of Maryland Medical School Schizophrenia, reinforcement learning, decision making jaimekb 2012‑11‑29
Luke K. Butler (Info) College of New Jersey michaelromero 2014‑01‑10
Jarret Crawford (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick, The College of New Jersey rasso 2009‑03‑29
April M. Drumm-Hewitt (Info) Simpson College rasso 2009‑03‑29
Andrew D. Engell (Info) Kenyon College Visual system, fMRI, EEG, Social percepton rbryan 2006‑05‑07
Sydney Hope (Info) Virginia Tech lbutler 2020‑06‑10
Jenna M Krizan (Info) Washington University jmkrizan 2017‑11‑16
Anni Seungeun Lee (Info) Weill Cornell Medical College learning and memory chrispitt 2009‑03‑11
P. Andrew Leynes (Info) The College of New Jersey rasso 2009‑03‑29
Emily G. Lowery (Info) UNC Chapel Hill cab 2007‑11‑14
Margaret P. Martinetti (Info) The College of New Jersey Behavioral economics, drug abuse, alcohol eglowery 2011‑09‑14
Michelle C. Phillips (Info) University of South Carolina rasso 2009‑03‑30
Vinaya Raj (Info) Virginia Tech rasso 2009‑03‑29
Olga Rass (Info) rasso 2009‑03‑29
Abigail Vachon (Info) The College of New Jersey avachon 2012‑10‑26
Shaun Wiley (Info) The College of New Jersey Social identity, intergroup relations, immigration smwiley13 2013‑01‑03
Jessica Wong (Info) Chicago rasso 2009‑03‑29
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