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Tobias Ackels (Info) Francis Crick Institute olfactory system, sensory neurophysiology padbritt 2012‑12‑03
Adrian Aleman-Zapata (Info) Radboud University Nijmegen, Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour, The Netherlands Lgenzel 2020‑07‑19
Syed Rydwan Ali (Info) UTMB sa872 2018‑07‑16
Alexander Becalick (Info) Francis Crick Institute znamenp 2022‑03‑21
Antonin Blot (Info) Cambridge bbillups 2015‑10‑11
Alexander P Y Brown (Info) MRC National Institute for Medical Research, Francis Crick Institute, Sainsbury Wellcome Centre, UCL, Cambridge Neurophysiology, Systems Neuroscience, Visual Neuroscience alexbrown 2015‑07‑31
Kayvan Combadiere (Info) Francis Crick Institute AlemanZapata 2023‑11‑18
Caroline Cypranowska (Info) Francis Crick Institute znamenp 2022‑03‑21
Debanjan Dasgupta (Info) University College London (UCL) Olfaction, Hippocampus, Physiology debanjantree13 2021‑07‑24
Alessandro R. Galloni (Info) Francis Crick Institute, UCL, Rutgers, New Brunswick/Piscataway Computational neuroscience, neurophysiology, dendritic integration, synaptic plasticity ederancz 2018‑12‑06
John Gerhart (Info) UC Berkeley Developmental Biology, Genetics Chihara 2008‑10‑31
Yiran He (Info) Francis Crick Institute znamenp 2022‑03‑21
Rebecca Jordan (Info) Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research sensorimotor processing rj321 2021‑03‑06
Annette Karmiloff-Smith (Info) Birkbeck College developmental cognitive neuroscience mark 2006‑10‑28
Johannes Kohl (Info) Francis Crick Institute jkohl 2010‑04‑26
Mihaly Kollo (Info) Francis Crick Institute in vivo, electrophysiology, olfaction mkollo 2007‑11‑09
Aeron Laffere (Info) Birkbeck College, Francis Crick Institute, Oxford ederancz 2018‑12‑06
Nicholas Luscombe (Info) Francis Crick Institute swilson27 2022‑02‑16
Francesco Monaca (Info) Francis Crick Institute francescofm 2019‑10‑26
Ede A. Rancz (Info) Francis Crick Institute, Aix Marseille Université systems neuroscience ederancz 2007‑02‑03
Andreas T. Schaefer (Info) MPI Heidelberg mangle 2012‑10‑11
James C. Smith (Info) Francis Crick Institute ilblitz 2018‑05‑15
Richard Treisman (Info) Francis Crick Institute sa872 2020‑02‑04
Benita Turner-Bridger (Info) Francis Crick Institute znamenp 2022‑03‑21
Victor Tybulewicz (Info) Francis Crick Institute hana 2017‑01‑12
Jernej Ule (Info) Rockefeller jumphrey 2022‑01‑20
Sila Ultanir (Info) Francis Crick Institute Excitatory synapses silaultanir 2015‑01‑29
Scott R Wilson (Info) MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, University of Cambridge Connectomics, Learning and Memory, Synaptic Plasticity swilson27 2022‑02‑16
Lewis Wolpert (Info) Developmental Biology domhenri 2013‑02‑19
Zhiwen Ye (Info) Francis Crick Institute, Imperial College London ederancz 2018‑12‑06
Petr Znamenskiy (Info) Biozentrum, University of Basel, Francis Crick Institute Auditory system, decision making znamensk 2010‑10‑02
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