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Paul H. Artes (Info) Dalhousie University Visual Function in Glaucoma tonyredmond 2013‑11‑05
Michael Avermann (Info) EPFL barrel cortex jandh 2009‑07‑28
Erwan Bezard (Info) Université de Bordeaux neurodegenerative disorders erwan 2008‑06‑06
Judith Bird (Info) dbishop 2009‑07‑26
Dorothy V M Bishop (Info) Oxford developmental neuropsychology dbishop 2009‑07‑26
Jonathan M. Brotchie (Info) Toronto Western Research Institute neurodegenerative disorders erwan 2008‑06‑06
Timothy M. Brown (Info) ansmf 2011‑02‑19
Dario Campagner (Info) The University of Manchester, Sainsbury Wellcome Centre, UCL System Neuroscience dario15 2015‑11‑24
Alan R. Crossman (Info) The University of Manchester neurodegenerative disorders erwan 2008‑06‑06
Susan Davies (Info) psychology of autism dbishop 2009‑07‑26
Katherine E. Davis (Info) The University of Manchester Hippocampal system, Models of Alzheimer's Disease, in vivo electrophysiology, Behavioural testing Kate84 2010‑01‑12
Jonathan Denniss (Info) Nottingham jdenniss 2014‑06‑25
Chris Donlan (Info) UCL dansari 2006‑12‑31
Daniel Henry Elijah (Info) The University of Manchester Computational Neuroscience, Information processing with bursts of spikes delijah 2010‑01‑12
Rebecca Elliott (Info) The University of Manchester (United Kingdom) cliffworkman 2017‑10‑09
Stephen M. Fitzjohn (Info) Eli Lilly synaptic plasticity ansmf 2007‑12‑07
Jason G. Fleischer (Info) The Neurosciences Institute Computational neuroscience, hippocampus, learning and memory, robotics, consciousness jasongfleischer 2011‑04‑13
Sarah Fox (Info) The University of Manchester Synaptic plasticity, Hippocampal electrophysiology mfbx5sf2 2010‑01‑12
Steve Furber (Info) The University of Manchester kongfattwonglin 2020‑04‑29
Robert Gifford (Info) Simon Fraser, The University of Manchester, University of Califonia, University of Victoria Environmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, pq 2016‑05‑02
Reinmar Hager (Info) University of Manchester Dashbrook 2018‑05‑19
David B. Henson (Info) University of Manchester tonyredmond 2013‑11‑05
Graham Hitch (Info) University of York memory dbishop 2009‑07‑26
Stacey Humphries (Info) Penn Cognitive neuroscience, action observation, Parkinson's disease shumphries 2019‑03‑08
Alok Joshi (Info) Ulster University kongfattwonglin 2020‑04‑29
Tom Kilburn (Info) University of Manchester Computer Science drgersh 2009‑03‑12
Gerry Leisman (Info) University of Haifa Computational Neuroscience, Cognitive-Motor Interaction, Communication Systems, Cognitive Neurosciences, Systems Theory, Clinical Electrophysiology, Memory, Neuropsychology, Autism drgersh 2009‑03‑11
Karen E Lythe (Info) The University of Manchester (United Kingdom) cliffworkman 2017‑10‑09
Andrew M. Macdonald (Info) The University of Manchester Information Theory, Neural Coding michaelbale41 2009‑06‑16
Andrew R. Mayes (Info) University of Manchester paller 2006‑03‑07
Ellen M. Migo (Info) Institute of Psychiatry Memory emm31 2009‑11‑23
Daniela Montaldi (Info) University of Manchester Memory, MTL, Recognition Couch82 2009‑06‑19
Marcelo Montemurro (Info) University of Manchester sohail 2008‑05‑20
Ulrich D. F. Nehmzow (Info) The University of Ulster Cognitive robotics, machine learning, neural networks jasongfleischer 2011‑04‑13
Stefano Panzeri (Info) University of Manchester Sensory systems, Computational neursocience kit 2006‑07‑03
Hugh Piggins (Info) The University of Manchester kongfattwonglin 2020‑04‑29
Ellen Poliakoff (Info) The University of Manchester shumphries 2019‑03‑08
Nicolas Pollet (Info) Université Paris 7, German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), CNRS np 2018‑01‑12
Andreas Prokop (Info) The University of Manchester Synapse formation, axonal growth, Drosophila Michael 2009‑07‑28
Daniel John Roberts (Info) Brunel University London Neuropsychology, reading, dyslexia, vision strebornad 2020‑06‑02
Ingo Schiessl (Info) University of Manchester jdenniss 2014‑06‑25
Jonathan L. Shapiro (Info) University of Manchester Machine Learning jasongfleischer 2011‑04‑13
Sohail Siadatnejad (Info) University of Manchester, University of Essex Spike train analysis, Information theory, Encoding, Decosing sohail 2008‑02‑08
Michael L. Sinnott (Info) University of Bristol, University of Illinois, Chicago, The University of Manchester, University of Huddersfield Organic chemistry jandh 2009‑07‑24
Richard R. Skemp (Info) The University of Manchester Mathematical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology drgersh 2009‑03‑11
Raphaël Thuret (Info) The University of Manchester (United Kingdom) np 2018‑01‑12
Michael Tomasello (Info) Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology Child language acquisition, primate communication lmorett 2009‑07‑11
Frederic Calland Williams (Info) The University of Manchester Computer Science markr 2009‑03‑12
Anna Woollams (Info) The University of Manchester strebornad 2020‑06‑02
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