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Ellemarije Altena (Info) Cambridge fMRI, prefrontal cortex, executive functions, sleep ellemarije 2013‑01‑07
Melanie Cohn (Info) University of Toronto Memory Cohn_m 2009‑05‑19
Karen D. Davis (Info) University of Toronto Pain, somatosensation, imaging,fmri dostrov 2007‑01‑24
Jonathan O. Dostrovsky (Info) University of Toronto pain, neuroplasticity, movement disorders tcoderre 2007‑01‑04
Esther G. González (Info) Toronto Western Hospital steeves 2013‑06‑25
Elizabeth Irving (Info) University of Waterloo steeves 2013‑06‑25
Frederick A. Lenz (Info) Johns Hopkins Medical School meekertj 2019‑04‑17
Mary Pat McAndrews (Info) University of Toronto human memory, hippocampus, epilepsy mcandrws 2007‑08‑08
Cristiano Micheli (Info) Toronto Western Hospital Research Institute, York University, Toronto Neuroimaging, beamformer, visual system cristiano 2011‑11‑28
Theone Paterson (Info) University of Victoria neuropsychology; cognitive aging; COVID-19 cognitive impairment; biological aging; chronological aging; chronic illness; cognitive measures tpaterson 2023‑06‑15
Ian A. Prescott (Info) Queens University Basal Ganglia, Movement Disorders, Synaptic Plasticity ianpre 2014‑09‑20
Luka Srejic (Info) Toronto Western Hospital, University of Toronto electrophysiology, stroke, neurophysiology, glutamate receptors micheaarts 2014‑05‑20
Martin J. Steinbach (Info) York University steeves 2008‑06‑22
Luminita Tarita-Nistor (Info) Toronto Western Hospital steeves 2013‑06‑25
Ronald Tasker (Info) Toronto Western Hospital kdavis 2007‑08‑07
Michael Tymianski (Info) Toronto Western Hospital, University of Toronto Stroke, NMDA receptors, TRP channels micheaarts 2014‑05‑20
Thilo Womelsdorf (Info) Vanderbilt Visual System, Attentional Control Stefan 2006‑02‑26
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