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Nima Afraz (Info) Trinity College Dublin Optical Networks, Network Economics, Network Virtualization nimaafraz 2018‑07‑13
Kyongman AN (Info) Johns Hopkins Schizophrenia umokmin 2010‑06‑08
Aref Arzan Zarin (Info) University of Oregon Drosophila neurobiology mosvey 2014‑10‑02
Jim Austin (Info) University of York computer vision, neural networks, computer architectures biswa 2006‑12‑02
Joshua Henk Balsters (Info) Trinity College Dublin Cognitive Neuroscience nramnani 2008‑01‑02
Michael P. Broderick (Info) Trinity College Dublin Speech, Language, EEG, Semantics brodermi 2020‑10‑22
Jason S. Chan (Info) Trinity College Dublin Multisensory Perception jchandip 2007‑10‑10
Abraham Colles (Info) Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland david 2022‑11‑29
Thomas J. Connor (Info) Trinity College Dublin jfcryan 2006‑08‑09
Gillian Cooke (Info) Trinity College Dublin jbooth 2010‑10‑12
John F. Cryan (Info) University College Cork Depression, anxiety, drug dependence, stress related disorders, GABAB, behaviour, mGluR Mombereau 2006‑08‑08
Giovanni Marco Di Liberto (Info) Trinity College Dublin Neuroscience diliberg 2016‑02‑07
Robert W. Ditchburn (Info) Reading University david 2008‑06‑23
Paul M. Dockree (Info) Trinity College Dublin sustained attention, error processing, awareness, executive control, prospective memory, false memory, traumatic brain injury, cognitive ageing shanishalgi 2007‑09‑26
Fadhil Firyaguna (Info) Trinity College Dublin nimaafraz 2020‑02‑25
Hugh Garavan (Info) Trinity College Dublin cab 2008‑08‑05
Claire M. Gillan (Info) Cambridge Habit Learning, OCD cg440 2013‑09‑09
Nuno R. Goncalves (Info) Trinity College Dublin Visual Neuroscience goncalvn 2012‑03‑22
Doreen Hoerold (Info) Trinity College Dublin self awareness, error monitoring, acquired brain injury hoeroldd 2007‑09‑22
Md Nurul Islam (Info) Trinity College Dublin (University of Dublin) (Ireland) Neuroscience, Cognitive Map mnislam.raju 2018‑09‑19
Maciej Michal Jankowski (Info) Hebrew University Neuroscience Jankowski_MM 2020‑04‑01
Ryan K. Jessup (Info) Trinity College Dublin decision neuroscience jbusemey 2008‑10‑02
Oktay Ismail Kaplan (Info) Trinity College Dublin Immunology oktay 2006‑10‑16
Maedbh King (Info) UC Berkeley, Western University, Trinity College Dublin Cerebellum, Cognition, Motor Control, Neuroimaging, Machine Learning mking86 2015‑11‑09
Juan-Pablo Labrador (Info) Trinity College Dublin jplabrador 2011‑11‑17
Edmund C. Lalor (Info) Trinity College Dublin Attention; Signal Processing foxey 2008‑06‑22
Gerard M. Loughnane (Info) Trinity College Dublin Attention DanielPNewman 2014‑12‑04
Brian M. Lucey (Info) Trinity College Dublin finance, economics blucey 2022‑07‑28
Nicola marchetti (Info) Trinity College Dublin nimaafraz 2020‑02‑22
Declan M. McLoughlin (Info) Trinity College Dublin Alzheimer¡¯s disease, Depression, Schizophrenia synuclein 2009‑09‑17
Emmet McNickle (Info) Trinity College Dublin Motor Control McNickle 2014‑11‑17
Kevin J. Mitchell (Info) Trinity College Dublin Neural development, synaesthesia, schizophrenia, axon guidance, semaphorins kjmtchl 2010‑09‑01
Daniel P. Newman (Info) Monash University Attention DanielPNewman 2014‑12‑04
John P. O'Doherty (Info) Caltech etricomi 2008‑07‑08
Donal O'Mahony (Info) Trinity College Dublin Computer Science; Computer/Data/Network Security; Cryptography and coding theory; Cryptology; Data protection, storage technology, cryptography; DISTRIBUTED DATABASE; Distributed systems; EDIFACT; Electronic Commerce; Electronic Commerce (E Commerce); Ele nimaafraz 2018‑07‑13
Shane M. O'Mara (Info) Trinity College Dublin hippocampus, learning, memory, synaptic plasticity smomara 2009‑01‑25
Kenneth J. O'Riordan (Info) Trinity College Dublin Neurophysiology, mGluR, NMDAR, Hippocampus Kenoriordan 2017‑12‑12
Johannes Passecker (Info) Columbia Prefrontal Cortex, Hippocampus, Decision-making, Stress, Memory jpassecker 2018‑09‑21
Parnian Rafei (Info) Trinity College Dublin Parnianrafei 2023‑05‑10
Ian H. Robertson (Info) Trinity College Dublin Neuropsychology, executive and attention functions, cognitive genomics, neuropsychiatry, neurorehabilitation ianhrobertson 2007‑09‑26
Edmund Rolls (Info) Oxford Systems hayden 2005‑01‑15
michael rowan (Info) Trinity College synaptic plasticity joungkim 2008‑01‑25
Thomas Segot (Info) Trinity College Dublin blucey 2022‑07‑28
Tricia XF Seow (Info) UCL computational psychiatry, compulsivity, transdiagnostic psychiatry seowxft 2020‑05‑21
Lucas Silva Tortorelli (Info) UCR Calfornia, NIH (NIDA), Trinity College Dublin, UFCSPA, UFRGS behavior, neuroimmunology, neuromodulation, addiction lucas.tortorelli 2021‑03‑02
Dara A. Stanley (Info) Royal Holloway University of London nraine 2017‑02‑05
Jane Stout (Info) Trinity College Dublin NigelRaine 2019‑06‑24
Daniela Tropea (Info) Trinity College Dublin neurobiology Tropea 2010‑04‑25
Philip Woodroffe (Info) Trinity College Dublin david 2022‑11‑29
Nathaniel J Zuk (Info) Trinity College Dublin Electroencephalography, auditory cognitive neuroscience, computational neuroscience natezuk 2020‑04‑14
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