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Sabine Aisenbrey (Info) Universität Tübingen Retina wjbrunken 2009‑09‑11
Alison Krupin Berger (Info) Tufts rhammer 2011‑10‑17
Thomas Biederer (Info) Yale, Tufts synapse formation mrakins 2006‑04‑12
William J. Brunken (Info) Boston College, Mass General Hospital and Harvard University, Tufts Medical School, SUNY Downstate Medical Center Brooklyn NY, SUNY Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, NY Retina, Development, Pharmacology wjbrunken 2009‑09‑11
John J. Byrnes (Info) Ore Pharmaceuticals rory 2009‑01‑12
Thomas A. Cleland (Info) Cornell Neural systems, olfaction, behavior, computation, physiology tcleland 2007‑06‑04
Daniel H. Cox (Info) Tufts Calcium activated potassium channels igrrrl 2008‑06‑24
Kerry Culm (Info) Genzyme Clinical pharmacology rhammer 2006‑10‑20
Viktória Dénes (Info) University of Pecs Retina wjbrunken 2009‑09‑11
Qiudong Deng (Info) Tufts Medical School glia, synaptic transmission and plasticity, neuronal disorders, retina qddeng 2009‑04‑06
Jinghui Dong (Info) Tufts Medical School Neuroscience jliu19104 2009‑07‑15
Chris Dulla (Info) Tufts Medical School Epilepsy, Adenosine and ATP dulladulla 2005‑12‑12
Kathleen Dunlap (Info) Tufts Calcium channel modulation igrrrl 2008‑06‑24
Sanya Fanous (Info) Tufts Neuropsychopharmacology rhammer 2008‑04‑22
Jeannine C. Foley (Info) Tufts Astrocytes jeanninefoley 2009‑06‑22
Brenda M. Geiger (Info) Tufts Medical School Obesity, Pharmacology, Neuroscience enpothos 2011‑02‑27
Grace Gill (Info) Tufts Medical School molecular mechanisms that regulate transcription Lalonde 2013‑06‑22
Marian Haburcak (Info) University of Massachusetts Medical School enpothos 2011‑02‑27
Ronald P. Hammer (Info) University of Arizona College of Medicine, Phoenix Molecular neuropsychopharmacology rhammer 2006‑10‑20
Philip Haydon (Info) Tufts Medical School, , Iowa State, Penn Neuroscience, Neuron-Glial Interactions, Astrocyte, Sleep, Epilepsy reez 2008‑08‑27
Shigang He (Info) IBP, CAS dylangongw 2008‑03‑15
George G. Holz (Info) SUNY Upstate Exocytosis, Channels, Calcium, cAMP ggholz01 2013‑02‑23
Carrie L. Iwema (Info) Yale Development iwema 2007‑09‑12
John S. Kauer (Info) Tufts Olfaction tbozza 2007‑08‑15
Joan C. King (Info) Tufts Medical School neuropeptides aag2hdg 2009‑04‑07
Jasmin Lalonde (Info) University of Guelph Neuronal transcription, calcium signaling, plasticity, synapse, neural stem cells, biological psychiatry Lalonde 2013‑06‑22
Henry Lee (Info) Children's Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School Critical period, protein phosphorylation hingcheonglee 2007‑11‑21
Brian Lin (Info) Tufts University Sackler School of Biomedical Research olfactory epithelium, adult stem cell, neurogenesis blin100 2015‑12‑13
Jamie L. Maguire (Info) Tufts velouria 2010‑08‑24
Stephen J. Moss (Info) Tufts GABA receptor x 2007‑09‑05
Kate K. O'Toole (Info) Tufts GABA(A) receptors gabaman 2008‑07‑31
Julie Onton (Info) UCSD Cognitive neuroscience rhammer 2006‑10‑20
German Alfonso Pinzon-Duarte (Info) Retina, development wjbrunken 2009‑09‑11
Emmanuel N. Pothos (Info) Tufts Medical School Neuroscience, Pharmacology, Physiology, Obesity diasinou 2006‑10‑28
Marcia H. Ratner (Info) BU School of Medicine, Harvard School of Public Health, Suffolk University, BU School of Medicine Neurotoxicology, neurodegenerative disease, toxicology, pharmacology, in vivo electrophysiology marciaphd 2012‑11‑28
Joseph D. Reutt (Info) University of Massachusetts Glia Jreutt 2009‑08‑23
Adema Ribic (Info) UVA, Tufts Medical School, Yale, German Primate Center (DPZ) Circuit assembly and plasticity aribic 2016‑06‑15
Lorrin Riggs (Info) Brown david 2005‑01‑27
Maribel Rios (Info) Tufts Obesity/Feeding Behavior; BDNF lgaine02 2011‑05‑05
Jean K. Rivera Irizarry (Info) Weill Cornell Medicine Reward-Seeking, Motivation, Aversion, Addiction Jean9575 2019‑08‑21
Thomas D. Sabin (Info) Boston City Hospital, Tufts Medical School behzad448 2015‑05‑20
James E. Schwob (Info) Tufts Medical School Development iwema 2007‑09‑12
Samuel Sokol (Info) Tufts Medical School Infant Visual System ssokol 2010‑11‑18
David Thaler (Info) Tufts Medical School marciaphd 2016‑02‑04
Tom Twitchell (Info) Tufts Medical School neurologist and expert on motor development in infants callietyner 2010‑02‑09
Seth Wakefield (Info) Tufts Medical School ysaponjian 2013‑10‑24
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