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Briac Halbout (Info) UC Irvine Drugs addiction, Dopamine, behaviour halboutb 2011‑07‑25
Sangwoon Han (Info) UC Irvine School of Medicine nnarayanan 2019‑02‑06
Ethan W. Hollingsworth (Info) UC Irvine School of Medicine ewholling5 2018‑08‑08
Robert F. Hunt (Info) UCSF epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, electrophysiology rfhunt 2009‑04‑02
Nandakumar S. Narayanan (Info) Yale, University of Iowa Systems neuroscience / Prefrontal cortex / dopamine / Parkinson's disease mlaubach 2007‑08‑27
Sean Bjorn Ostlund (Info) UCLA Learning balleine 2007‑09‑27
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