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Roy G. Beran (Info) UNSW SYDNEY drsbhaskar 2022‑01‑20
Raisa Biswas (Info) UNSW SYDNEY drsbhaskar 2023‑08‑15
Zoey J Isherwood (Info) UNSW SYDNEY, University of Wollongong, University of Nevada, Reno visual perception, natural scene statistics, fMRI zoey.isherwood 2018‑10‑01
Murray C Killingsworth (Info) UNSW SYDNEY drsbhaskar 2022‑01‑20
Jovita T Leung (Info) UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience adolescence, cognitive neuroscience, mental health neuro_tree_ucl 2024‑03‑22
Michelle Moulds (Info) University of New South Wales AndreR 2016‑11‑28
Kate Poole (Info) UNSW SYDNEY grlewin 2009‑06‑06
Mark M. Schira (Info) Smith Kettlewell Vision kathleen 2005‑10‑04
Susanne Schweizer (Info) UNSW SYDNEY neuro_tree_ucl 2024‑03‑22
Divyansh Sharma (Info) UNSW SYDNEY drsbhaskar 2022‑01‑20
Branka Spehar (Info) The University of New South Wales Visual psychophysics johncass 2009‑04‑06
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