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Yohan Attal (Info) sbaillet 2009‑12‑09
Guillaume Auzias (Info) sbaillet 2009‑12‑09
Sylvain Baillet (Info) Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University Magnetoencephalography, Electroencephalography, Source Imaging, Inverse Problems, Neuroimaging, MRI, stroke, epilepsy sbaillet 2009‑06‑03
Benoit Cottereau (Info) Smith Kettlewell sbaillet 2009‑12‑09
Line Garnero (Info) CNRS MEG-EEG models & methods, Quantitative MRI analysis sbaillet 2009‑06‑03
Julien Lefevre (Info) Universite Marseille sbaillet 2009‑12‑09
Francois J. Tadel (Info) Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University Software development for MEG/EEG tadel 2010‑06‑15
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