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William Ahroon (Info) US Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory wittnate 2017‑10‑18
Abdulla Alamri (Info) SUNY suviswan 2017‑01‑17
Sterling Bunnell (Info) Letterman General Hospital, San Francisco, US Army Hand surgery, tendon and nerve repair, tuopli 2018‑08‑12
David M. Burmeister (Info) Wake Forest Physiology Biology, Pharmacology pq 2016‑05‑30
Ridwan Carim-Sanni (Info) US Army suviswan 2020‑09‑21
Tracy Jill Doty (Info) Walter Reed Army Institute of Research Cognitive Neuroscience, Affective Neuroscience tracyjill 2005‑11‑15
Sungmin Eum (Info) Us Army Research Laboratory Computer Vision, AI, Machine Learning eumsungmin 2021‑02‑02
Nathaniel T. Greene (Info) University of Colorado, Denver Auditory System, Auditory Localization, Multisensory Integration wittnate 2010‑10‑11
Timothy C Haire (Info) US Army Institute of Surgical Research Biomedical Sciences, Tissue Regeneration, Quorum Sensing, Synthetic Biology, Interkingdom Signaling timhaire 2018‑02‑21
W David D. Hairston (Info) wh21067 2007‑08‑18
Adrianus Houtsma (Info) US Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory Pitch, musical acoustics lux2aeterna 2011‑04‑14
Chou P. Hung (Info) National Yang-Ming University, Georgetown University Medical Center, Us Army Research Laboratory visual neurophysiology chouhung 2005‑10‑18
Nathan A. Jeske (Info) University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio pain, proteases kmh83 2006‑12‑15
Heath G. Jones (Info) US Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory auditory system david 2009‑02‑21
Lucille Lumley Lange (Info) US Army Medical Research Inst of Chem Defense, Aberdeen Proving Ground Stress emhull 2006‑06‑12
Tomasz R. Letowski (Info) Us Army Research Laboratory Audition wh21067 2008‑10‑14
Harris Lieberman (Info) US Army Res Inst Env Med Wurtlab 2006‑10‑12
Kaleb G. McDowell (Info) Us Army Research Laboratory Cognitive Neuroscience, Human Factors jsmetcal 2008‑10‑28
Mariano T. Mesngon (Info) Major, US Army Dynein regulation by Lis1 deannasm 2012‑04‑09
Govini Mohan (Info) US army institute of chemical defense Behavioral endocrinology vakshat 2008‑11‑19
Jennifer Elaine Nyland (Info) US Army Institute of Surgical Research Addiction, behavior, reward systems, pain jenner 2007‑05‑16
Kelvin S. Oie (Info) Us Army Research Laboratory Cognitive Neuroscience, Multisensory integration, Vision jsmetcal 2008‑10‑28
Elaine Darcy Por (Info) UTHSC Pain signaling and Scaffolding drjeske 2012‑10‑04
Matt Rowan (Info) UTHSC Pain Signaling and Behavior drjeske 2012‑10‑04
Toan Trinh (Info) US Army suviswan 2020‑09‑21
Jean Vettel (Info) Army Research Lab Multimodal Integration, Structure-Function Couplings, Translational Neuroscience michaeltarr 2009‑10‑30
Suresh Viswanathan (Info) SUNY, Indiana University Bloomington Visual system; Retina, glaucoma, traumatic brain injury lfrishman 2007‑10‑28
Eugene R. Wist (Info) St Mauritius Therapieklinik Meerbusch, US Army Medical Research Laboratory, Fort Knox, Kentucky, Franklin & Marshall College, Universität Düsseldorf Visual perception, animal behaviour, physiological psychology r_oshea 2024‑02‑26
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