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Kimberly Huber (Info) UT Southwestern ltd, hippocampus david 2006‑04‑21
John R. Huguenard (Info) Stanford synaptic transmission MHuntsman 2005‑11‑23
Ege T. Kavalali (Info) UT Southwestern, Vanderbilt Synaptic Transmission kavalali 2010‑08‑04
Eric J. Nestler (Info) Mount Sinai School of Medicine Molecular Psychiatry vzachar 2006‑11‑02
Linda I. Perrotti (Info) UT Arlington addiction, stress, sex differences Perrotti 2009‑01‑14
Austin Reese (Info) UTSW huguenard 2018‑07‑24
Cindy Yuan Yuan Wang (Info) UTSW kmillen 2011‑08‑09
Maggie W Waung (Info) UCSF Headache, migraine, PAG, mGluR5 mwaung 2017‑10‑17
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