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Karim Benchenane (Info) ESPCI electrophysiology, brain oscillations, sleep, brain states, hippocampus KBenchenane 2008‑09‑02
Alain Buisson (Info) Université de Caen, Cyceron stroke, NMDA, alzheimer KBenchenane 2008‑09‑02
François Dauphin (Info) Université de caen Jahyann 2011‑02‑09
Yannick Marchalant (Info) Central Michigan University Aging, Alzheimer's disease marriott 2006‑08‑25
Omar Touzani (Info) Université de Caen, Cyceron stroke, endothelin, hypertension KBenchenane 2008‑09‑02
Denis Vivien (Info) INSERM U919, Cyceron, Caen stroke, plasminogen activator, tgf-beta KBenchenane 2008‑09‑02
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