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Craig Aaen-Stockdale (Info) Nottingham, McGill, University of Bradford, University of South-East Norway, Lloyd's Register , BI Norwegian Business School Vision, Perception, Psychophysics, Ergonomics, Bibliometrics, Research evaluation famousdog 2007‑09‑11
Philip Beaman (Info) University of Reading, UK working memory, auditory cognition PhilipBeaman 2019‑06‑20
Marina Bloj (Info) University of Bradford colour perception jaspell 2007‑04‑18
Terry Buckingham (Info) University of Bradford famousdog 2011‑01‑28
Kathryn Francis (Info) PhilipBeaman 2019‑06‑20
Luis Garcia-Suarez (Info) Motion, colour, second-order, Psychophysics LGARCIAS 2008‑06‑23
James Hanson (Info) University of Bradford famousdog 2009‑10‑21
James Heron (Info) University of Bradford Time perception famousdog 2009‑10‑21
Keith A. May (Info) City University London, UCL, University of Essex lpyudhb 2007‑04‑13
Paul McGraw (Info) Nottingham Vision, ophthalmology famousdog 2007‑09‑11
William McIlhagga (Info) University of Bradford famousdog 2009‑10‑21
Sathyasri Narasimhan (Info) University of Bradford vision,attention,memory SPTripathy 2015‑04‑16
Haluk Ogmen (Info) University of Houston Visual system, computational neuroscience, visual masking ychen 2007‑09‑23
Neil Roach (Info) Nottingham NTDBadcock 2009‑12‑03
Syed Nadeem Shafiullah (Info) University of Bradford vision,motion,perception SPTripathy 2015‑04‑16
Srimant Tripathy (Info) University of Bradford Visual perception and cognition ychen 2007‑09‑23
David Whitaker (Info) University of Bradford Optometry, Psychophysics famousdog 2009‑04‑16
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