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Erin Babinsky (Info) University of Indiana ebabinsky 2008‑06‑23
Jill K. Badin (Info) Towson University bjmarg 2019‑07‑12
Kathryn L. Boucher (Info) Indiana University Social Psychology pq 2016‑03‑29
Robert Campbell (Info) University of Indiana, Bloomington ziechmar 2018‑04‑26
T Rowan Candy (Info) Indiana University Infant vision martybanks 2008‑05‑28
Robert I. DeMars (Info) UW Madison RNA 2012‑03‑15
Andrew G. Ewing (Info) Chalmers University of Technology, Penn State Bioanalytical Chemistry hjh122 2008‑12‑13
Bernardino Ghetti (Info) Indiana University Medical Center Alzheimer's and other degenerative brain diseases george.perry 2010‑06‑19
Katharine M. Graf Estes (Info) UC Davis Language acquisition lmorett 2009‑07‑27
Robert F. Heimburger (Info) Indiana University Medical School callietyner 2010‑03‑22
Hallgrim Kløve (Info) University of Bergen neuropsychology callietyner 2010‑03‑18
David Koceja (Info) University of Indiana spinal reflex regulation cpatten 2009‑05‑05
Salvador E. Luria (Info) University of Indiana, UIUC, MIT Genetics hanks 2005‑11‑10
David Mangus (Info) arborist 2019‑08‑06
Barry J Margulies (Info) Towson University Virology bjmarg 2018‑01‑13
Steven A. Moore (Info) University of Iowa Muscular Dystrophy george.perry 2010‑07‑24
Jeffrey L. Noebels (Info) Baylor Neurogenetics, Basic Mechanisms of Epilepsy jnoebels 2006‑12‑06
Xiafeng Qi (Info) University of Indiana wmakous 2008‑05‑27
XiaoXi Qiao (Info) University of Indiana jnoebels 2006‑12‑06
Homer Reed (Info) New England Medical Center in Boston neuropsychology callietyner 2010‑03‑18
Ralph M. Reitan (Info) Reitan Neuropsychological Laboratory, Tucson, AZ Neuropsychology david 2005‑10‑29
Phillip M. Rennick (Info) Lafayette Clinic in Detroit neuropsychology callietyner 2010‑03‑18
Michael Risinger (Info) University of Indiana marcnuwer 2007‑02‑06
Linda B. Smith (Info) Indiana University Cognitive Development, lexical learning, perception 2006‑10‑02
R. Mark Wightman (Info) UNC Chapel Hill Ultramicroelectrodes, Electrochemistry, Neurochemistry pemp 2005‑11‑08
Andrew C. Zelhof (Info) University of Indiana, Bloomington adlib 2008‑05‑26
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