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Shazia Akhtar (Info) University of Westminster akiraoconnor 2014‑01‑31
Richard J Allen (Info) University of York (UK) memory, working memory AWeighall76 2020‑09‑25
Nicholas Almond (Info) University of Leeds, UK psccjam 2018‑06‑06
Kwabena Appenteng (Info) University of Leeds Neurophysiology arthurprochazka 2008‑10‑03
Amy Atkinson (Info) University of Leeds, UK AWeighall76 2020‑09‑25
Lucy Atkinson (Info) University of Leeds michelle82 2009‑09‑16
Alan Baddeley (Info) University of York working memory muncapher 2007‑10‑16
Anna Barnard (Info) Imperial College London Chemical Biology AnnaBarnard 2019‑11‑02
John Blundell (Info) University of Leeds (United Kingdom) Micah44 2016‑10‑31
Pam Blundell (Info) University of Leeds psychology pamblundell 2013‑11‑21
T Scott Bowen (Info) Herzzentrum Leipzig dtcannon 2009‑04‑08
Ruth E. Brooke (Info) University of Leeds michelle82 2009‑09‑16
Eberhard H. Buhl (Info) University of Leeds oscillations hippocampus dominique 2011‑06‑10
Daniel T. Cannon (Info) San Diego State University Respiratory physiology, exercise tolerance, gas exchange kinetics dtcannon 2008‑05‑08
Samit Chakrabarty (Info) University of Leeds Spinal Neurophysiology, Interneurones, suprsapinal control sc808 2008‑04‑20
Rebecca Jayne Chapman (Info) University of Leeds Spinal cord, Nociception littlebex78 2009‑09‑17
Steven J. Clapcote (Info) University of Leeds Genetics, Mouse models, Behaviour, Psychiatric disorders clapcote 2011‑09‑16
Debbie Conte (Info) University of Bristol michelle82 2009‑09‑16
Martin A. Conway (Info) University of Leeds Memory, Autobiographical Memory akiraoconnor 2009‑03‑27
Gordon J. Cooper (Info) University of Leeds DavidJMiller 2014‑09‑18
Mark O. Cunningham (Info) Newcastle University Neural networks, neuronal oscillations, epilepsy michelle82 2009‑09‑16
Rafael de Castro Aguiar (Info) University of Leeds (United Kingdom) Neuroscience, Neuroengineering, Motor Control RafaelAguiar 2020‑03‑09
Jim Deuchars (Info) University of Leeds Autonomic nervous system michelle82 2009‑09‑16
Susan A. Deuchars (Info) University of Leeds Sympathetic nervous system, spinal cord michelle82 2009‑09‑16
Stuart Dickens (Info) University of Leeds (United Kingdom) JKNeuro 2017‑09‑05
Ian James Edwards (Info) University of Leeds michelle82 2009‑09‑16
Dominique Engel (Info) GIGA-N, Liege, Belgium hippocampus, subtantia nigra dominique 2011‑06‑09
James W. Fawcett (Info) Cambridge sd19 2016‑01‑21
Sylvain Gigout (Info) University of Leeds (United Kingdom) JKNeuro 2017‑09‑05
Vincent L. Gracco (Info) McGill Speech Motor Control, Speech perception violette 2008‑08‑07
Kim Green (Info) UC Irvine smarsh1 2015‑03‑26
Harry Guntrip (Info) University of Leeds khewitt5 2016‑06‑14
Brian S. Hartley (Info) Imperial College of Science and Technology, London, UK marywaye 2010‑12‑23
Patricija Van Oosten Hawle (Info) University of Leeds (United Kingdom) rimorimoto 2020‑07‑23
Philip Haydon (Info) Tufts Medical School, , Iowa State, Penn Neuroscience, Neuron-Glial Interactions, Astrocyte, Sleep, Epilepsy reez 2008‑08‑27
Zaineb Henderson (Info) The University of Leeds Medial septum diagional band complex, septohippocampal system, cholinergic signaling, nicotinic signaling Danielle 2009‑09‑17
Marion M. Hetherington (Info) University of Leeds human appetite regulation, ingestive behaviour marionmh 2010‑04‑15
Bernhard Hommel (Info) Leiden Attention & action hommel 2008‑08‑04
Nathan Illman (Info) King's College akiraoconnor 2014‑01‑31
Sian Irvine (Info) University of Leeds (United Kingdom) JKNeuro 2017‑09‑05
Radka Jersakova (Info) University of Leeds psccjam 2018‑06‑06
Lin-Hua Jiang (Info) University of Leeds (United Kingdom) Ion channels in health and disease 001 2017‑05‑14
Danielle John (Info) University of Leeds Nicotinic receptors, dentate gyrus, adult neurogenesis Danielle 2009‑09‑17
Dylan M. Jones (Info) Cardiff University FrancoisVachon 2018‑01‑09
Llewellyn Wynn Jones (Info) University of Leeds (United Kingdom) abeaujean 2018‑05‑18
Ekaterini Klepousniotou (Info) University of Leeds Language processin, meaning access, representation patterns violette 2008‑08‑07
Jessica Kwok (Info) University of Leeds (United Kingdom) LawrenceMoon 2017‑09‑05
Varinder Lall (Info) University of Leeds michelle82 2009‑09‑16
Sarah L. Larrington (Info) University of Leeds michelle82 2009‑09‑16
Micah Leshem (Info) University of Haifa psychobiology Micah44 2016‑10‑31
Colin Lever (Info) University of Leeds Hippocampus & Memory cewells 2009‑03‑31
Bryan A. McSwiney (Info) University of London Autonomic nervous system CJM3 2012‑10‑21
David J. Miller (Info) University of Glasgow Cardiac muscle physiology, muscle contraction, Carnosine, zinc ions, Life of Sydney Ringer DavidJMiller 2014‑03‑06
Carol Milligan (Info) University of Leeds michelle82 2009‑09‑16
J. Ryan Morehead (Info) UC Berkeley, Harvard, University of Leeds Motor Learning, Motor Control, Decision-Making, rmhead 2009‑11‑14
Richard I. Morimoto (Info) Northwestern draible 2009‑11‑09
Leonid L. Moroz (Info) University of Florida Genomics, neural circuits, Aplysia, Lymnaea, Pleurobranchaea, Tritonia, neuropeptides, NMDA, behavior, evolution, invertebrate, mollusca morozll 2009‑03‑13
Suzannah Morson (Info) University of Aberdeen akiraoconnor 2014‑01‑31
Christopher J. A. Moulin (Info) Université Grenoble Alpes Memory, metacognition, Deja vu akiraoconnor 2009‑03‑27
Scott R. Murgatroyd (Info) University Hospital Southampton Exercise tolerance, bioenergetics dtcannon 2008‑06‑22
Colin G. Nichols (Info) Washington University School of Medicine ion channels chiawei 2008‑10‑23
Akira R. O'Connor (Info) University of St Andrews Memory, Neuroscience, Deja vu, Memory Decision Making akiraoconnor 2009‑03‑27
Emily Oxley (Info) University of Leeds (United Kingdom) AWeighall76 2020‑09‑25
Kata Pauly-Takacs (Info) Leeds Metropolitan University akiraoconnor 2014‑01‑31
Chris Peers (Info) University of Leeds smarsh1 2015‑03‑26
Tim J. Perfect (Info) University of Plymouth Memory psccjam 2009‑03‑27
Michelle L. Pierce (Info) Newcastle University Neuronal oscillations, network activity, epilepsy michelle82 2009‑09‑16
Gregory Radick (Info) University of Leeds Darwinism mab05 2011‑06‑02
Clare J. Rathbone (Info) University of Leeds autobiographical memory, the self clarerathbone 2009‑03‑31
Thomas Richards (Info) University of Leeds sc808 2017‑05‑23
John M. "Rab" Robson (Info) Guy's Hospital Chemical mutagenesis, gonadotropins CJM3 2012‑10‑21
Harry B. Rossiter (Info) University of Leeds Skeletal Muscle Bioenergetics dtcannon 2008‑06‑16
Roy Ruddle (Info) University of Leeds PhilipBeaman 2019‑06‑20
Calvin Chad Smith (Info) University of Leeds sc808 2017‑05‑23
Craig Smith (Info) Stanford emotion, appraisal theory jenyih 2012‑09‑24
Celine Souchay (Info) Université de Bourgogne akiraoconnor 2014‑01‑31
Luke Souter (Info) University of Leeds (United Kingdom) JKNeuro 2017‑09‑05
Charles Spearman (Info) UCL ado4 2008‑06‑14
Piyanee Sriya (Info) University of Leeds sc808 2017‑05‑23
Gijsbert Stoet (Info) Leeds Cognition, Parietal Cortex, Executive Control hommel 2008‑08‑04
Naweed I. Syed (Info) University of Calgary Synaptic Plasticity mawoodin 2008‑09‑22
Alexia Toumpa (Info) University of Leeds, UK Machine learning, unsupervised learning, qualitative relations, relational graphs, action recognition, object affordances alexiatoumpa 2020‑03‑10
Lihua Wang (Info) Penn State michelle82 2009‑09‑16
Philippa M Warren (Info) University of Leeds (United Kingdom) pippa 2017‑09‑11
Anna Ruth Weighall (Info) University of Sheffield (United Kingdom) language, word learning, psycholinguistics, sleep, memory consolidation AWeighall76 2020‑09‑25
Christine E. Wells (Info) Institute of Psychological Sciences, University of Leeds Hippocampus cewells 2009‑03‑31
Helen L. Williams (Info) University of Victoria Psychology, Memory, Metamemory helenmelon_1 2009‑04‑09
Andrew D. Wilson (Info) University of Leeds, UK movement coordination, learning, perceptual control of action jamazano 2012‑10‑23
Andrew J Wilson (Info) University of Leeds (United Kingdom) AnnaBarnard 2019‑11‑02
William Winlow (Info) University of Leeds Neural circuits and behavior morozll 2009‑03‑13
Sanjeeva Witharana (Info) University of Leeds Nanofluids, Heat Transfer, Energy, Engineering switharana 2015‑09‑02
Klaus K. Witte (Info) University of Leeds Cardiology, heart failure, pacemakers klauswitte 2009‑08‑05
Shahnaz P. Yusaf (Info) GlaxoSmithKline, University of Leeds, Cambridge, Pfizer, Sanger Institute Ion Channels sp_y 2016‑08‑30
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