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Ariel S. Avila (Info) The hospital for Sick Childrens Neurodevelopmental biology, synaptic plasticity arielavila 2014‑04‑07
Zénon Bacq (Info) Université de Liège tylerz 2011‑09‑13
Julie Bakker (Info) Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience the effects of androgen and estrogen on the neural substrate underlying sexual and social behaviors mkeller 2009‑01‑22
Jacques Balthazart (Info) University of Liège jm 2006‑12‑20
Shibeshih Belachew (Info) University of Liège Multiple Sclerosis renvdb 2010‑03‑21
Catherine de Bournonville (Info) University of Liège u184421 2016‑10‑28
Samuel Caro (Info) Centre d'Ecologie Fonctionnelle et Evolutive (CEFE), Montpellier u184421 2017‑06‑09
Thierry D. Charlier (Info) ksoma 2008‑09‑13
Mei-Fang Cheng (Info) Rutgers University, Institute of Animal Behavior Behavioral Neuroendocrinology Balthazart 2009‑06‑28
Charlotte A. Cornil (Info) University of Liège Behavioral neuroendocrinology u184421 2008‑01‑17
John C. Crabbe (Info) OHSU behavioral genetics, ethanol, gene environment interaction, mouse behavior, selective breeding, ethanol withdrawal, ethanol binge drinking rustayn 2006‑10‑04
Pierre Deviche (Info) Arizona State Behavioral Neuroendocrinology Balthazart 2009‑06‑28
Molly J. Dickens (Info) University of Liège mjd 2009‑12‑15
Henry C. Evrard (Info) MPI for Biological Cybernetics Insula, Subjective Feelings, Decision, Consciousness, Interoception HEvrard 2007‑06‑21
Rebeca Corona Garcia (Info) University of Liège, UNAM u184421 2017‑06‑08
Victor Henri (Info) Universität Zürich tylerz 2011‑09‑12
Matthieu Keller (Info) CNRS olfaction, pheromone, maternal behavior, sexual behavior mkeller 2009‑01‑22
Anne TM Konkle (Info) University of Ottawa Behavioural Neurendocrinology, Neurodevelopment, Neurotoxicology akonkle 2010‑11‑06
François Lallemend (Info) Karolinska renvdb 2010‑03‑21
Pierre Leprince (Info) University of Liège gph2 2012‑05‑03
Brigitte Malgrange (Info) University of Liège Inner ear development renvdb 2010‑03‑21
Gustave Moonen (Info) University of Liège renvdb 2010‑03‑21
Hayley Kleitz Nelson (Info) Delaware County Community College, Penn, Exponent Failure Analysis Associated hnelson 2011‑03‑01
Laurent Nguyen (Info) University of Liège Corticogenesis renvdb 2010‑03‑21
Lauren V. Riters (Info) UW Madison jm 2006‑12‑20
Ernest Schoffeniels (Info) University of Liège Comparative Biochemistry, Bioelectricity Balthazart 2009‑06‑28
Michael Schumacher (Info) INSERM UMR788, Paris Neuroendocrinology Balthazart 2009‑06‑28
Theodor Schwann (Info) University of Liège ktakagaki 2009‑01‑21
Aurore Seredynski (Info) University of Liège u184421 2017‑06‑08
Laura A. Szymanski (Info) Lehigh University reproductive neuroendocrinology Jill Schneider 2008‑08‑13
Sophie Tambour (Info) University of Liège crabbe 2019‑09‑17
Melanie F. Taziaux (Info) Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience Behavioral neuroendocrinology u184421 2008‑01‑25
Renaud Vandenbosch (Info) University of Ottawa Neurogenesis renvdb 2010‑03‑21
Tyler A. Zimmerman (Info) National Institute of Standards and Technology Analytical Chemistry tylerz 2011‑09‑12
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