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Evangelos Anagnostou (Info) Dept. of Neurology, University of Athens, Greece visual, oculomotor and vestibular neurophysiology. Clinical neuroophthalmology and neurootology granavan 2006‑09‑27
Matthias Anthuber (Info) Klinikum Augsburg, Germany Bao 2008‑03‑28
Stephen Brandt (Info) HU Berlin Bao 2008‑09‑25
Hans Brettel (Info) CNRS Paris, France Bao 2008‑09‑26
Monika Bullinger (Info) University of Hamburg Bao 2008‑03‑28
Ulrich Büttner (Info) Dept. of Neurology, University of Munich, Germany Neuroophthalmology, Neurootology, Oculomotor Neurophysiology granavan 2007‑04‑10
Alarcos Cieza (Info) University of Munich, Germany Bao 2008‑09‑26
Heinz Dietrich (Info) University of Munich, Germany danms90 2013‑12‑14
Hans Distel (Info) Institute of Medical Psychology, University of Munich Bao 2008‑03‑28
Wolfgang Fries (Info) hayden 2005‑01‑16
Joachim Hermsdoerfer (Info) City Hospital Munich, Germany Bao 2008‑03‑28
Robyn Hudson (Info) UNAM Mexico City Bao 2008‑03‑28
Ruediger Ilg (Info) Technical University Munich, Germany Bao 2008‑07‑14
Martin Juettner (Info) Aston University Bao 2008‑09‑26
Florian A. Kagerer (Info) Michigan State Bao 2008‑09‑26
Michael A. Kiebler (Info) Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München RNA localization in mammalian neurons Michael Kiebler 2007‑09‑23
Baihan Li (Info) University of Pennsylvania, USA Bao 2008‑09‑25
Martin J. Lohse (Info) University of Wurzburg Pharmacology; Receptors; Cell Signaling MartinLohse 2015‑10‑28
Norbert Mai (Info) University of Munich (deceased) Bao 2008‑03‑28
Karin Meissner (Info) University of Munich, Germany Bao 2008‑09‑26
Martha Merrow (Info) RUG Bao 2008‑03‑28
Ernst Poeppel (Info) University of Munich Visual system, time perception wittmann 2006‑03‑30
Till Roenneberg (Info) Institute for Medical Psychologie University of Munich Circadian System lotze 2006‑07‑31
Katya Rubia (Info) King's College Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive Neuropsychiatry, developmental cognitive neuroscience, ADHD, autism, obsessive-compulsive disorder, conduct disorder, child psychiatry, fMRI, MRI Bao 2008‑03‑28
Bernhard Sabel (Info) University of Magdeburg Bao 2008‑03‑28
Wulf Schiefenhoevel (Info) Max-Planck-Institute Andechs, Germany Bao 2008‑09‑26
Kerstin Schill (Info) University of Bremen Cognitive Neuroinformatics Bao 2008‑03‑28
Fritz Schmielau (Info) University of Luebeck, Germany Bao 2008‑03‑28
Thomas Toelle (Info) Technical University Munich, Germany Bao 2008‑09‑26
Ingo Uttner (Info) University of Ulm amelie3 2012‑03‑21
Yves von Cramon (Info) Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences Neurology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive and Brain Sciences krubia 2008‑08‑22
Nicole von Steinbuechel (Info) Universität Göttingen Bao 2008‑03‑28
Reinhard Werth (Info) University of Munich, Germany Bao 2008‑09‑26
Ernst-Ludwig Winnacker (Info) University of Munich, Germany MartinLohse 2015‑10‑28
Hamed Yeganegi (Info) Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST), Technical University of Munich, Germany neural engineering, systems neuroscience yeganegih 2018‑03‑04
Christoph Zetzsche (Info) University of Bremen, Germany Bao 2008‑09‑26
Josef Zihl (Info) Ludwig Maximilian University Munich Neuropsychology Bao 2008‑03‑28
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