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Philip S. Bolton (Info) University of Newcastle, Australia Spinal cord, bsadacca 2007‑07‑03
Nadia Christina BUNIC (Info) University of Newcastle, Australia Undergrad Student, 4th year psychology,general NADIAcb 2010‑06‑01
Michael B. Calford (Info) ANU Sensory systems, Adult cortical plasticity, Stroke Calford 2007‑10‑15
Simon Dennis (Info) Newcastle Cognitive Psychology enyhus 2007‑12‑14
Leah Krubitzer (Info) UC Davis Neuroanatomy, brain evolution kathleen 2005‑02‑14
Hyungwook Yim (Info) University of Melbourne (Australia), Ohio State, Ohio State, Korea Air Force Academy, University of Newcastle (Australia), Korea University, Seoul, Korea University, Seoul Learning mechanisms, Origins of knowledge, Cognitive development, Computational modeling lapensee 2010‑04‑22
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