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Per Andersen (Info) University of Oslo LTP, learning & memory cyneric 2005‑02‑19
Ole Andreassen (Info) University of Oslo, Norway guest 2010‑11‑05
Ilona M. Bloem (Info) Maastricht University, Boston University vision, visual psychophysics, fmri ilonabloem 2014‑01‑24
Marie Eikemo (Info) University of Oslo, Norway Reward, psychopharmacology, opioid system, decision-making, value MarieE 2018‑06‑18
Amund Gulsvik (Info) University of Bergen Janbrogger 2018‑04‑20
Viktor N. Kharazia (Info) Histology and microscopy; neurological and psychatric conditions, drug abuse kharazia 2008‑10‑07
Bruno Laeng (Info) University of Oslo, Norway Laterality, Perception, Attention, Imagery, Synesthesia, Optical Illusions, Music gusb 2008‑12‑11
Sven Nissen-Meyer (Info) University of Oslo, Norway, UC Berkeley biostatistics Janbrogger 2018‑04‑22
Michael Peters (Info) University of Guelph Neuropsychology mikebc 2008‑07‑20
Eric Rinvik (Info) University of Oslo Neuroanatomy kharazia 2009‑11‑28
Gordon M. G. Shepherd (Info) Northwestern Cortical Microcircuitry BreninLlwyd 2006‑09‑16
Johan Frederik Storm (Info) University of Oslo Cellular neurophysiology, Electrophysiology, Ion channel functions, Hippocampal neurons koen 2007‑12‑21
Jon Rasmus Vale (Info) University of Oslo, Norway Janbrogger 2018‑04‑22
Koen Vervaeke (Info) Janelia Farm Barrel cortex, cerebellar cortex, hippocampus, basal forebrain KoenVervaeke 2012‑08‑25
Trygve Wessel-Aas (Info) Department of Thoracic Medicine Janbrogger 2018‑04‑22
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