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Daniel Morgan (Info) University of Plymouth jamesconway 2020‑02‑29
Patric Bach (Info) University of Plymouth social perception, mirror neurons, action cognition, predictive processing, intentional action PatricBach 2018‑10‑26
Gleb Basalyga (Info) University of Plymouth Computational Neuroscience gbasalyga 2010‑11‑17
Roman Matveevich Borisyuk (Info) University of Plymouth gcym 2009‑08‑13
Claire Braboszcz (Info) University of Geneva, University of Plymouth meditation, hypnosis, subjectivity arnodelorme 2009‑01‑05
James A Conway (Info) University of Plymouth Neurodegeneration jamesconway 2019‑10‑26
Sue Denham (Info) University of Plymouth Computation & Theory david 2005‑06‑28
Salvador Dura-Bernal (Info) SUNY Downstate Computational Neuroscience salvi82 2013‑12‑12
Robert Fern (Info) University of Plymouth jamesconway 2019‑10‑26
Giorgio Ganis (Info) Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, University of Plymouth Visual cognition, Cognitive control, Deception rjnudo 2007‑08‑26
Max Garagnani (Info) Free University of Berlin, University of Plymouth, The Open University, MRC-CBU Computational neuroscience, cognitive neruoscience, language, neural networks, cerebral cortex, modelling, neurolinguistics 2016‑06‑14
Ian Spencer Howard (Info) University of Plymouth Motor Control, Speech Analysis and Production ish22 2013‑04‑25
Stephen Kosslyn (Info) Harvard cab 2005‑12‑11
Edgar R. Kramer (Info) ZMNH Center For Molecular Neurobiology Hamburg neurotophic factors, dopaminergic system, Parkinson, Drug addiction edgarkramer 2013‑09‑24
Linda Jane Lanyon (Info) UBC Visual attention & eye movements lindalanyon 2008‑06‑22
Verity Mitchener (Info) University of Plymouth jamesconway 2020‑02‑29
Michael Norris (Info) University of Plymouth david 2005‑07‑05
Ken A. Paller (Info) Northwestern Memory cab 2005‑12‑11
Guenther Palm (Info) University of Ulm fts 2008‑03‑06
Tim J. Perfect (Info) University of Plymouth Memory psccjam 2009‑03‑27
Haline E. Schendan (Info) University of Plymouth vision, learning, memory, meaning, knowledge giorgio 2007‑09‑12
Joel L. Voss (Info) Northwestern memory vossjl 2008‑04‑16
Thomas Wennekers (Info) University of Plymouth fts 2008‑03‑06
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