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Michael R. Bale (Info) University of Sussex, UK in vivo electrophysiology, somatosensory system, neural coding michaelbale41 2008‑10‑23
Malamati Bitzidou (Info) University of Sussex, UK michaelbale41 2016‑06‑28
Thomas Collett (Info) University of Sussex Vision, Insect Vision, Neuroethology esobel 2008‑04‑08
Ezequiel A. Di Paolo (Info) University of the Basque Country marohde 2011‑01‑08
Jose A. Fernandez-Leon (Info) Harvard Medical School - BWH Systems and Computational Neuroscience jafphd 2011‑02‑28
Alessandro Guida (Info) University of Rennes 2 Memory jojolabricole 2011‑09‑29
Briac Halbout (Info) UC Irvine Drugs addiction, Dopamine, behaviour halboutb 2011‑07‑25
Henning Holle (Info) University of Sussex, UK dkoester 2010‑09‑15
Abdul Raouf Issa (Info) University of Sussex, UK Neurodegeneration,Hox genes, Neuronal circuits RaoufIssa80 2019‑08‑09
Miguel Maravall (Info) Instituto de Neurociencias de Alicante Somatosensory system, mechanisms of coding & response properties, electrophysiology oertner 2008‑10‑14
John Maynard Smith (Info) Sussex Evolutionary Biology wmbrown 2007‑04‑04
Jane Oakhill (Info) Sussex University Text Comprehension jojolabricole 2011‑09‑30
Andrew O. Philippides (Info) University of Sussex tshat 2011‑01‑08
Olena Riabinina (Info) Durham University insect neurophysiology and neuroethology, olfaction, hearing, vision, navigation tshat 2011‑01‑08
Meike Claudia Sieburg (Info) University of Sussex, UK appetitive conditioning, neuronal ensembles, motivation Meike123 2016‑05‑05
Dai Stephens (Info) University of Sussex behavioral neuroscience, alcohol and drug abuse DaiStephens 2009‑02‑20
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