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Olivier Collignon (Info) University of Trento Crossmodal perception and plasticity jolen 2013‑09‑03
Jodie Davies-Thompson (Info) Nottingham Vision, fMRI, plasticity, crossmodal, adaptation JodieDaviesThompson 2014‑09‑22
Alessandro Grecucci (Info) University of Trento, Italy affective neuroscience alegrecucci 2017‑04‑28
Uri Hasson (Info) University of Trento Cognition, neuroimaging kathleen 2005‑03‑26
James Haxby (Info) Dartmouth Object recognition; computational fMRI kathleen 2005‑02‑14
Remo Job (Info) University of Trento, Italy alegrecucci 2017‑04‑28
Gaia Lapomarda (Info) University of Trento, Italy alegrecucci 2017‑12‑12
Samuel A. Nastase (Info) Dartmouth, University of Trento, Johns Hopkins, Princeton Neural decoding, vision, attention snastase 2015‑06‑13
Edoardo Pappaianni (Info) University of Trento, Italy alegrecucci 2017‑04‑28
Sara Sorella (Info) University of Trento, Italy Clinical neuroscience, Affective neuroscience, Mindfulness SaraSorella 2018‑12‑01
Matteo Visconti di Oleggio Castello (Info) UC Berkeley, Dartmouth, University of Trento, CIMeC visual system, face perception, cognitive neuroscience, computational modeling, mvpa mvdoc 2018‑05‑10
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