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Pamela Bäss (Info) University of Hildesheim, University of Ulm Cognitive neuroscience, Motor processing r_oshea 2018‑11‑20
Tobias M. Boeckers (Info) University of Ulm Gundelfi 2010‑11‑23
Heiko Braak (Info) University of Ulm Anatomy hayden 2005‑10‑30
Valentino Braitenberg (Info) MPI Tuebingen Neuroanatomy dillenburger 2005‑11‑02
Johannes W Dietrich (Info) Ruhr University Bochum, University of Ulm, Ludwig Maximilian University Munich Endocrinology, Thyroidology, Biomedical Cybernetics, Systems Biology, Systems Medicine, Systems Endocrinology Trurl7 2019‑12‑25
Elena Dragicevic (Info) University of Ulm elenadragicevic 2010‑05‑17
Inga Geipel (Info) University of Ulm sergestrada2017 2017‑10‑26
Florian Hauser (Info) University of Ulm synaptic plasticity, memory formation, cell assemblies fhauser 2015‑01‑02
Thomas Kammer (Info) University of Ulm Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation fj 2007‑01‑16
Jan Lewerenz (Info) University of Ulm methner 2012‑04‑19
Ulrich Loos (Info) University of Ulm Trurl7 2019‑12‑25
Guenther Palm (Info) University of Ulm fts 2008‑03‑06
Arne Ernst Sauer (Info) Ulm University Sensorimotor, computational neuroscience wstein 2007‑10‑03
Friedrich T. Sommer (Info) UC Berkeley Memory, Sensory systems fts 2008‑03‑06
Manfred Spitzer (Info) University of Ulm quirl 2007‑01‑16
Carola Städele (Info) Ulm University Neurobiology, Neuroscience wstein 2008‑02‑12
Wolfgang Stein (Info) Illinois State University neurobiology, neuroethology, stomatogastric nervous system, sensorimotor, central pattern generator wstein 2007‑05‑24
Ingo Uttner (Info) University of Ulm amelie3 2012‑03‑21
Thomas Wennekers (Info) University of Plymouth fts 2008‑03‑06
Harald Wolf (Info) Ulm University neurobiology, neuroethology, sensorimotor wstein 2007‑05‑24
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